What's Wrong with Activision "Why Bobby Kotick's stewardship of the giant publisher makes conventional business sense and ignores recent developments in motivation theory."

This article speculates about one potential cause for the recent firing of Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella: Bobby Kotick's culture of extrinsic reward and punishment.

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vampstreak3153d ago

Oh how I hate Bobby Kotick

tokoshix3152d ago

And I agree to your agreement!

zoks3103152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Only a machine can make money, Kotic is too primitive, a lot of gamers warned about Bobby a few months ago, some a few years ago, but the gaming community did not listen.
Instead we went ahead and further secured his position in the industry as a valid one.
Did we buy COD games because they were good, or because we were lead to believe that the rewards would be great if we bought and played them. Funny how a company that released the biggest and most successfully game of all time (IW) ended up losing more than they gained. LOL imagine what Activision thinks about us the gamers.

Activision is dead to me, I have a smart and very intelligent daughter (7 years old), and something deep down inside of me is telling me for her sake and all of humanity that it is wrong to support Activision.

Blaze9293152d ago

well the CoD franchise will only go downhill from here

AridSpider3152d ago

is it true they're making an adventure CoD game?

Blaze9293152d ago

i hope that isnt true...

Ravage273152d ago

I'll be the first to celebrate Activision's demise(for killing everything i love about gaming), but they are truly making a HUGE mistake here.

MaximusPaynicus3152d ago

Yes. They hired a studio that has former Dead Space developers so...

dredgewalker3152d ago

Maybe Activision is gonna make Guitar Of Duty.

fr0sty3152d ago

yep, a modern warfare action adventure gaming. let's take a war game and remove it from the genre it fits most with, FPS. smaaaaaaart.

what an arrogant ass, kotick and the rest of activision, for doing this. IW was the best thing they had going for them.

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mastiffchild3152d ago

More pertinently:What's right? (you'll get a much more manageable list this way)

xaviertooth3152d ago

obviously that mofo bobby k

Udidntlistenpunk3152d ago

In plain English: they were trying to sell exclusivity to Microsoft!

Now I hope these are just rumors, but obviously if this was true, than HATS OFF to Activision for stepping up and firing those xbots.

fr0sty3152d ago

they couldn't sell something that was not theirs to sell. activision owns at least part of the call of duty franchise. all they could have done was quit activision and went to work for another studio (i bet EA was that studio), or formed their own (which I hope happens). this had nothing at all to do with selling anyone exclusivity for any game.

McLuvn3152d ago

and way too much money, spring to mind.

Blaze9293152d ago

after MW2's debut all you can think about is $$$

fr0sty3152d ago

what? you just sold us 12 million games and are considered to be one of the best developers out there? FIRED!

raztad3152d ago

Dont get me wrong but Activision is probably being just a publisher/IP owner. How many times talented dev houses have been shut down for ever, for the sake of saving money for the publisher? I dont know whats going on inside Activision but I havent heard any kind of massive laid off, or shutting IW down, so why all the fuss?

D3adcell3152d ago

They closed down Neversoft and RedOctane after milking Guitar Hero for 2-3 years over saturating the market. Before that they let harmonix go and replaced them with Neversoft.

Now they let the Head CEO's of Infinity Ward (that founded the company after leaving 2015) go and then deliver news that they are going to try to milk the CoD franchise even more and oversaturate that market and turn it into more then a FPS.

Meanwhile the guys they fired are probably going to start up a new studio possibly taking most of the infinity ward team with them and creating a bad ass game for another publisher. Then activision will be b*** and moaning about their losses and have to try and come up with another franchise to milk when the CoD series is dried up.

fr0sty3152d ago

rumor has it that activision had IW contracted for 2 more games. one new IP and modern warfare 3. Since their guitar hero cash was tanking, activision wanted a new MW game to milk some more cash from right now! but, IW didn't see it that way. They felt they'd earned that new IP instead, and wanted to put MW3 off until it was done. That's what supposedly led to this whole firing thing.

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