New Dark Sector Screens from Recent Build

Today DIGITAL Extremes have released amazing new Dark sector screens from the early build of the game. The lighting have been improved since we last saw the game.

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Blood_Spiller4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Looks good, the atmosphere kind of reminds me of Gears of War. I like the idea of no HUD, if they pull it off right it can make for a more cinematic experience, something I feel ‘next gen’ should really focus on giving more of. Quick question though, what’s the lead dev platform for this game?

esemce4132d ago

These screenshots don't do the game justice, I think it was first mentioned for x360 but the first ever trailer was before the 360 or PS3 were released.

tehcellownu4132d ago

im glad the ps3 as the lead platform for dark sector!! cant wait for this game..looks amazing!!

original seed4132d ago

that he is freakin SLOW. He walks at snails pace. Now i know its kinda like a stealth game but nobody want to walk all the time. Maybe they've yet to show him running.