European PlayStation Store gets updated

Yesterday, the Americans could go loose with Super Stardust HD. Today, everybody in Europe can do the same. Super Stardust ain't the only new content in de European store, hit the jump to see the full list.

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CG4183d ago

This is pathetic give me some real games and real demos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take your super stardust HD and shove it up your ass sony.

Shadow Flare4183d ago

go play your bruck up contra

techie4183d ago

Much better update. :)

DarkJedi4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Wow, all those demos; I can hardly contain my excitement </sarcasm>

pull your bloody fingers out Sony!

Deep: What makes this a good update? Two trailers you will be able to find anywhere on the net (if not now, in the next couple of days) and two games older than most PS3 owners themselves. This is rubbish.

paul_war4183d ago

It's better then what we have been getting. Aka many weeks with no games & just trailers. Its not great but it is getting better.

techie4182d ago

"two games older than most PS3 owners themselves"

Super Stardust was made in the years 2006-7. Gundum Musou demo is from a game released 2007. There is also a Reistance update with new maps and worldwide servers. Plus new ps1 games. Plus I download from US, UK, and I get everything.

My comment stands. This week is much better.

HandShandy4183d ago

At least your getting something, just shut up!

Go and Buy an Xbox if you unhappy.

the_bebop4182d ago

<Begin Sarcasm>
Dear Sony

I like your PSN service here in Australia for all the videos [email protected] or other wise that you put on the PSN that I could probably find on the Internet. Not only that I am extremely excited about no game Demos and all the mediocre Classic games on the network that you can Download.

PS keep up the good work.
<End Sarcasm>

I have already downloaded Sigma of the US network and Folklore off the Japanese Network, what is taking so long Sony.

Satanas4182d ago

There's a FolkSoul demo on the Japanese PSN?! Thanks for the heads up, going to download.

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