Microsoft Covering Up Forza 2 Crash Forum

In what appears to be an effort to conceal the over 900 replies gamers provided on the official forums about Forza Motorsport 2 crashing on the Xbox 360, Microsoft has deleted the long thread, now stating that it's "exclusive content for registered forum users" only. However, the thread was removed entirely, even to registered members. This comes after the thread was revealed and reported on yesterday, gaining plenty of attention. In the thread, hundreds of gamers posted their stories on what happened to the 360 when playing Forza 2, and expressed frustration, anger, and disappointment.

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Shadow Flare4129d ago

How about fixing the problem instead of sweeping it under the rug and whistling your way out the door?

Crazyglues4129d ago

I mean what else do you really expect from Microsoft.

marinelife94129d ago

Forza probably doesn't crash much more often than any other game but it's just the thought that the 360 would have any new problems is what likely caused gamers to flock to the threads and made Microsoft delete the threads.

DrRage774129d ago

yeah because this would be the first case of a company pulling threads that weren't favorable to it's console....oh wait, weren't there tons of reports when the ps3 came out about how the ps3 forums had threads that were mysteriously being taken off the forums if htey dealt with problems with the ps3??? hmm, yeah, microsoft must be the only company in the entire world that does anything that is questionable, huh? give me a break guys....

jromao4129d ago

Eliminate the players, then you got the problem solved !!!. First was the customized cars disapearing on-line and now microsoft hidding proofs of their mistakes. Soon they will start including clauses in the game agreement where players can't make them public. Thanks god we have Sony in this planet.

dantesparda4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I am getting so fvcking sick and tired of this sh!t! MS needs to stop this sh!t, this is getting fvcking ridiculous! They are just doing way too much covering up. Whether it be MS, Sony or Nintendo, they all need to stop this sh!t they are fvcking us over and i dont care how much you like the system, games or the company, "fvcked up" is fvcked up! Stupid fanboys are fvcking us over! And MS is starting to come of like a very dirty company, and i dont care how much sh!t Sony and Nintendo have done in the past, it is MS doing alot of this sh!t now!

thewhoopimen4129d ago

Nobody even remotely brought up anything about Sony "superiority" in the replies. It looks like you have a insecurity complex there. haha.

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Systematrix4129d ago

I haven't had any problems whatsoever. This is interesting though.

cuco334129d ago

game is awesome, no issues here

if this article is even remotely true then i don't know what to say, but ever think that maybe it was turn10 that deleted the thread as it brought negativity towards their product on the console they licensed it for. after all it is turn10 who runs that forum

PS360WII4129d ago

ugh. Okay the RROD is one thing but not every little thing is conspiracy from MS.

sfinXters4129d ago

This is a standard Microsoft procedure - delete the error report.

DrRage774129d ago

you mean just how sony was pulling threads on forums about glitches people were finding in the ps3 when it first came out?? oh right, you are going to come back and say that there was never any proof of that or that you don't know what i am talking is the only company that is capable of such atrocities against society lol

sfinXters4129d ago

@4.1 :

You haven't used any other MS products besides xbox, have you?

Not responding to problems and denying everything is their business
model. And a pretty successfull one, too.

And no - I don't recall any such reports about Sony. But you can refresh my memory with some links.

DarkJedi4129d ago

Mines crashed a couple of times, but no more really than anything else. In fact my ps3 crashes more often during GT HD.

sfinXters4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Really? How did you manage to crash the GT? I've been playing mine for hours and hours with no problems. Motorstorm did crash once, though.

DrRage774129d ago

just because yours doesn't have problems, you assume other people must be lying?

with that logic, let me share something with you. all those reports about xbox360's breaking and the red ring of death must be absolutely false because I actually have an original launch console (December 18, 2005) that has NEVER broken down on me. It has run solid like a champ and I have not had any rings of death or overheating issues...

sfinXters4129d ago

@5.2 :

Your logic kinda sucks, sorry.

Exatly where did I say that there are no problems? I asked how did that happen, because I haven't experienced anything bad. Asking how did something happen doesn't mean denying it.

Honeal2g4129d ago

umm lets see u responded with

1- "Really? How did you manage to crash the GT?"
1- makes no sense he claims it crashed on him and u asked how?? o maybe he was playing in the shower (what an asinine question)

2-I've been playing mine for hours and hours with no problems.
2-and i completley understand what ur saying here cause i played forza sometimes for 7 hours straight and mine works perfect so u tried to relate with him and tell him ur side.

Also the way u repsonded especially in this forum implies that he is lying i understand where ur comin form ...well sorta but u have to realize where ur posting!

jromao4129d ago

GT HD crashing ??? I don't believe at all, even on PS2 the GT4 never did it, so I think you are trying to "hide" your xbox problems with excuses, but you choosed the wrong game for it.

sfinXters4129d ago

@ 5.4
2 - Jesus f*ng Christ, I just wanted to know how did that happen...

If I would try to say hes lying I would have posted something like this:
"OMG! Holy Crap those are lies, you bastard! GT doesn't crash!
PS3 and GT roXXXrz!"

Intellectual capacity (or incapacity) of some readers here isn't my problem.

thewhoopimen4129d ago

Your credibility as a PS3 owner is being called into question...
Why would you even use a game demo as an arguing point against a published game title? Let me repeat to ignorant platform flamers, don't flame when you don't know. GT HD is a demo and on top of that... it is freeware.

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