Wii in 1080p

The Wii in 1080p. Via the upscaling power of the STR-DA5200ES And the quality of the Sony Bravia 1080p XBRS, it is possible to enjoy 1080p on the Wii. Head on over to Wii1080p for even more pictures.

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DirtyRat4226d ago

Wow the upscaling on that looks very nicely done, normally the max the Wii can output is 480p, so it's done a cracking job of making it look better.

HOWEVER, the STR is over £600 on amazon LOL:

Rythrine4226d ago

Nooooooo!! Sony, what are you doing? You're aiding the enemy lolz. Just kidding Wii fans. Me love Wii, just no more money, sorry.

PS360WII4226d ago

lol what they hey, if you have the money anything is possible

Bathyj4226d ago

Next week Baby (3 at the most) when the new stock comes in its mine! I'm dying to see what GoW2 looks like at 1080p, and TekkenDR, and of course every other game from now. And BR's and DVD's.

SnakeCL4226d ago

Am I the only one who's not impressed? Sure it looks better than just simple 480p, but instead of it being a jagged mess its a blurry mess.

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The story is too old to be commented.