Capcom Makes Devil May Cry 4 Sales Prediction

During Capcom's 2007 Fiscal Year results meeting Kazuhiko Abe, Director and Managing Corporate Officer, mentioned in his keynote speech Devil May Cry 4 is projected to sell 1.8 million copies worldwide.

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Crazyglues4129d ago

I mean to say that you are going to sell 1.8 million is pretty big especially, why one of the games in the series was a flop.

Me personally I think it's possible, but I never did get Devil May Cry, I like the first one, it was ok, but I just felt one was enough - To me, and don't hate me for this comment. -"but it just looks like lost planet to me" and that's kind of corny. sorry, just not a big fan.

TheMART4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Nah I don't think they're far off. But that's because the expected XBOX 360 sales. Two Capcom 360 exclusives, Lost Planet and Dead Rising, have both sold between 1 and 2 million copies world wide.

With about at that time 10 million 360 users. If we see that about 16 to 20 million 360's will be out at the end of this year, and the anticipation for DCM4 on their system, I bet again 10% to 20% of all 360 users will buy that game. Which will make 1.6 mln. to max. about 3.5 mln. copies on DMC4 alone on XBOX 360.

The Real Joker4129d ago

Brother I hope you are right about the 360 having that many sold by the end of the year. That would be impressive.

Satanas4129d ago

@1: DMC2 may've been a flop, but I think DMC3 sure as hell made up for it.

Seeing as the game is on 360 and PS3 I believe this number is very possible.

OutLaw4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Because alot of PS3 fans being upset that Capcom didn't keep this game exclusive to the PS3 they probably wont buy it. So I feel most of the sales will probably come from the 360 side and not from the PS3 side.

Satanas4129d ago

"Because alot of PS3 fans being upset that Capcom didn't keep this game exclusive to the PS3 they probably wont buy it."

I think doing this is stupid. No point missing out on a good game if it loses exclusivity (unless they seriously butcher it).

Unfortunately this is probably true and some likely won't buy it because of this, but I don't think it'll effect sales that much.

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Ebay3rd4129d ago

Well I will definately be buying DMC4

PS360WII4129d ago

I can see it happening. I personally don't care for the series it's a bit to repetitive but it's got a hugh following. So 1.8 million should be pretty easy.

Syko4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I think if this game sells 2-1 or even 3-1 over the PS3 this will be a bad thing for the Sony camp because trust me other game developers will be watching. They will understand the best chance for a return is to put it on the 360 also, Even if it causes a Sony fanboy revolt.

Edit @Black

Yeah everyone knows it will sell more just due to the difference in install base. But if it is a slaughter and 65-75% of the profit is from the XBOX side, devs are gonna see where they can butter their bread ;)

Black Republican4129d ago

THAT is a smart comment my friend.
This will be very intresting, all DEVS know MC series was only for SONY and now it's coming to XBOX.
You are obsolutely correct when you say it will be bad for SONY if on XBOX it sells more (which it will).

Honeal2g4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

let me go first(damnit fine let me go second) i completly agree ...this could be sort of a little survey to see if the majority of the ppl who buy this game made the switch or it could result in new fans of the series which i think is highly unlikely seeing that its the fourth .....with that said let the flaming commence

Satanas4129d ago

Heh, unfortunately I have to agree as well. I guess we'll wait and see what other developers decide to do.

I wouldn't get annoyed if some developers decided to do this, I just hate it when focus is shifted from lead to co-development and game features become compromised, for both consoles.

Funky Town_TX4129d ago

360 gamers buy more games. How can guitar hero 2 on 360 have the most sales? 100 mill PS2's sold 10 mill 360's, I don't get it.

tomfoolery4129d ago

Syko 360.well said......bravos!

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tehcellownu4129d ago

i dont know most ps3 owners feel betrayed by capcom..especially when they keep on tellin us its really it isnt at all..and tellin us their goin to put sixaxix and then take it away..also claiming usin the power of the ps3..capcom so many lies..lmao....i might rent this game or buy..i got the devil may cry collection..we will see...

Contra264129d ago

you have the whole collection??
aawwwwww.... it must suck for fanboys like you ...
now that the 4th installment is multiplatform.

Oh and by the way..
It's not called betraying. You still get the game dont you?
It's cuz Dead Rising and Lost planet were new IPs and SOLD VERY WELL.
OBVIOUSLY CAPCOM will be sure that a proven franchise will sell even MORE!!!..

Tsk tsk... your ps3 sucks big, hairy, sweaty, herpes infested balls.

It's okay.... you can wipe your tears now..

Satanas4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Fanboy bickering = lame.

"it must suck for fanboys like you"

And what does that make you? =) IRONY MUCH.

@below: Good if he realizes he's a fanboy, but then he can't really use that as an insult. It's almost an insult to himself.

Double-Edged4129d ago

both are fanboys...

but i think what he is trying to say is...

SonyFanboys get the worst part..

that's all... I think Contra knows he's a fanboy.
He just wants others to know that it really hurts sonyfans

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