Microsoft confirms 'iPod Killer'

Microsoft said Friday it plans to release a new music and entertainment player and accompanying software under the "Zune" brand this year, in a belated attempt to challenge the dominance of Apple's iPod player.

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joemutt5413d ago

Move music from the player to the PC. I hate that about my Ipod, I re-formatted my HD, and now my ipod is stuck with my "old" mp3's on it, because it thinks its a different PC.

I know there is software, but unless you pay for it, you can only do like two or three songs.

Apple's Copy Protection is way too stringent, If you buy a new PC you cant add or remove songs, its basically dead.

Sphinx5413d ago this may be my MP3 player... then again, I've never really needed one.

Shadow Flare5411d ago

so its ok for microsoft to copy itune's online music store, but it not ok for ps3 to copy xbox live's online gaming service?

microsoft just want a slice of any market that is doing successful. I mean they saw how much money sony was raking in with the playstation, so the xbox comes trotting along. Then they see how much money apple have made through the ipod, and the zune slugs its way over too.

One problem though. Microsoft copies evryone else TOO late

greenlynxx5413d ago

I wish MS the best of luck. I can't stand the iPod. It is probably one of the most overated consumer electonic devices out there. There are half a dozen other MP3 players out there that cost the same but are better devices.

I am excited to see how MS's device will sync with the 360.

Droidbro5413d ago

teenagers think its cool because its shiny and has a cool scroll wheel thingy

The Snake5413d ago

Do you just make this stuff up? I have yet to see another mp3 player that can hold the same capacity as an ipod (60 gigs.) Other than that, I have only seen 2 others that can hold even 30 gigs. I don't even know if those others can play video (they very well may.) On top of that, how many other mp3 players offer even a quarter of the accessories the ipod supports? None. Just wondering where you got your info. I'd love to see the Zune kick Apple's ass though. If it's as good as it's making itself out to be, I may even get one, but my ipod can kick ANY other currently manufactured mp3 player's ass right now. Period.

johnrichardandrew5412d ago

You forget Apple was nowhere near the first to do any of those things.

Just as an example- Archos, the first company to do a lot of things in this space has the AV500 that has 100GB, Video, 4" Screen, Direct encoding etc and the PMA430 with PDA built in... Apple don't offer anything particuarly special at the moment other than th accessories, which I agree is very hard to beat, but MS has contacted the manufacturers of these things and is getting them on board.

Apple never innovate anymore, it's time somebody take them down a few pegs- not destroy them but Steve Jobs is too big for his boots.

slugg5413d ago

Instead of being a PSP or even DS like device, this new "combined media" player will show video clips, let you listen to and manage MP3's and other music files... and also let you play any Live Arcade game you have purchased on the go, at no extra charge. This seems far more likely to me that the multi-media mess Sony made of the PSP...

Optimus Prime5413d ago

yea i am probably gunna just wait for this sucker to come out and buy it. might as well, for what people as saying what it can do, it will be a good handheld, and a sure purchase for me

T-Rac5412d ago

iPod will be hard to beat, I love my 360 ut I don't think ill be swapping my Nano for the 'Zune'


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The story is too old to be commented.