Silent Hill 2 (2008) confirmed

It is confirmed by director Christophe Gans that a sequel to the film Silent Hill is "officially ordered and well on the way". He went on to state that Samuel Hadida and Sony Pictures' subsidiary TriStar Pictures are attached as producer and distributor respectively. He also confirms that screenwriter Roger Avary will return to write the film's screenplay. Gans has also stated that the movie might tie up loose ends from the first film.

As of April 2007, Producer Don Carmody has stated that a screenplay is slowly being developed and that "[Gans is] involved pretty heavily in another project right now" and will likely not return as director.[ Gans has stated that he will stay close to the film's production regardless of his status as director. The film's story is unknown as well, but it is confirmed that the film will retain the visual look of the first film.

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gta_cb4129d ago

"Sony Pictures' subsidiary TriStar Pictures are attached as producer and distributor respectively."

so this is also confirmed that this is going to be on BluRay?

ENNO4129d ago

well if HD DVD beat Blu-ray before its released then yes!

gaffyh4129d ago

@^ ???? - Joke/Sarcasm?

Probably will end up on Blu-Ray.

DarkestHour004128d ago

The first Silent Hill is still in my top 5 WORST moves ever made. I wanted my money back when it was over.

aggh im on fire4128d ago

I actually liked the first movie, it looked pretty much how silent hill looked in the game. The sound and music were spot on and although it wasn't oscar material by any stretch of the imagination i thought it was about as good as we could have hoped for. I would much rather watch this than the awful Saw sequels and Hostil movies. Bring on Part2.

PlayStation3604128d ago

I enjoyed watching silent hill. It may not have been a blockbuster calibur movie. But it's still one of the best game-to-film movie to date. I don't know if I would buy silent hill/silent hill2 on bluray, but I would definitely see the second one when it comes out in theaters.