Lair: Exclusive Video #2

Here is more exclusive game footage from the French site Jeuxvideo, this time for Lair. This footage really shows off the subtle, convincing animations for the dragons (especially the wings) and the amazing environmental detail given the size of the level. Also noticeable are the much improved fire/ glow effects, enjoy.

Note: this is not the same footage as the official Sony recently released videos.

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Violater4128d ago

To start giving this game it's props.
This is one amazing game.
I like the fact that the person playing Lair , HS and Unchartered in the last three videos, goes around alot to show us the scenery instead of jumping into the fight like Every Other Video we have seen.
Don't u all notice we are seeing 5 minutes or so worth of game play now?
Anyway kudos good find.

Rythrine4128d ago

As much as I agree with you, you know there will be fanboys out there who will still be in denial. Like the saying goes, "You can't please everybody".

Rybnik4128d ago

That is exactly why I posted it:)


I was literally astounded at this video, WOW ! I'm not kidding, maybe because all the other vids were kinda crappy untill recently, but this vid is the best. WOW.

This is becoming a must have title for me. Great find indeed! Man, I am so AMPED for the next coming months.

Great truly Great videogames coming out.

Rythrine4128d ago

I've seen this already. This was the same one that Crazzyman posted a couple of hours ago. Well regardless, it still amazing and worth a second, third, or even to the nth look.

Rybnik4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

I know, he linked it in a thread, so I posted it. It is definitely his find, but I could not find a tip for it so..sorry. Hey, I gave him a bubble though as appreciation!

Rythrine: LOL, your probably right:)

Rythrine4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

You don't have to apologize, for you did PS3 fans a favor here. I'm pretty sure Crazzyman won't mind either. Don't forget "Sharing is Caring" lolz. Btw, I gave him bubbles too for this find.

icechai4128d ago

this game is looking quite amazing, but this site that's been posting the videos really suck at gaming :P

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The story is too old to be commented.