Left 4 Dead 'officially' announced for Xbox 360 writes:
"We are going to blow your mind Friday night with a massive preview of the Orange Box but while we were at Valve's offices, we asked them if there are plans to bring "Left 4 Dead" to the Xbox 360. Although some previews of the game featured in PC publications mentioned Valve's plans to bring the game to Microsoft's console, there wasn't a formal announcement from Valve that would confirm the Xbox 360 version.

Well, today we can confirm that Left 4 Dead is coming to Xbox 360. Why we are so excited about this game? May be because it smells like Counter-Strike and it has tons of zombies."

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original seed4224d ago

I can wait to see how it turns out

DrunKao4224d ago

I wonder who disagreed with you. This game sounds awesome. I cannot wait!

allexx_24224d ago

I've been kind of follwing this game since i like what they are trying to do with the game.

FCOLitsjustagame4224d ago

I have kept an eye on it since seeing someone (1up I think) really hype it as a great co-op game. They showed some gameplay footage that did look pretty cool. Dang those were the fastest zombies I have ever seen. They were sprinting at the "good guys".

Odion4224d ago

ya its one of those games where the players make the content 4 players play the survivors and another 4 play different zombies trying to kill the survivors it loosk freaking amazing

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