PSP Firmware 3.51 Released

It's only been a couple days since the Lumines exploit was released, allowing all PSP firmware versions to be downgraded. And now, Sony has released Firmware 3.51 to combat this exploit. No new functionality can be found in 3.51, it only patches the Lumines exploit.

Changelog is as follows:

* Revisions to strengthen security have been added.

If you do wish to update, grab the new firmware either through Network Update or via the download link below.

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kingofps34183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

The above provided link info is an example of an helpful link. Thanks

Charlie26884182d ago


they should have added something to mask it...

its like putting
"This new firmware wont allow you to play those cool homebrew applications you probably just downloaded using that cool Lumines game you bought a few days upgrade dont be shy, it might brick your PSP...but still UPGRADE!"

cuco334182d ago

and be happy with the modded psp. 3.5 series offers nothing but gimmicks in my book. say what u want but leaving a ps3 on the whole time you are on vacation just to use the remote feature of psp in a wifi spot ISN'T appealing. u are on vacation, how much psp-ing are u really going to do? emjoy life... and keep the older firmwares that allows everything else ;)