Halo 3 Finally Dated For Japan

Microsoft Japan just rattled the rusty old Kotaku mailbox with news that Halo 3 has been dated for Japan. Previously, it was announced that the game will hit America on September 25th and Europe on September 26th, but nothing was slated for Japan.

Japan release date: 2007/09/27

Hydrolex5999d ago (Edited 5999d ago )

Japanese people dont like Halo 3 and these kind of games ! they like more games about NINJA and true stories

DATE: 2007/09/27

23478ueyur_9382235999d ago (Edited 5999d ago )

Actually there are quite a few Japanese gamers that like FPSes, and Halo 3 was on the Famitsu most wanted list (though not remarkably high).

Now here's the real question.

Why the hell does this article, which is supposedly about the Japanese release date, not even give a release date?

Date: http://www.xbox.com/ja-JP/s...

Diselage5999d ago

Yeah this really doesn't matter because hardly anyone is going to buy it over there. Just leaves more for the US and Europe though.

kingofps35999d ago (Edited 5999d ago )

Ok, but where's the date?

Disagree? Where is the release date then? Show me.

Thanks for the link and the date :)

BitbyDeath5999d ago (Edited 5999d ago )

Japan = 27th September 2007.

Official Link - http://www.xbox.com/ja-JP/s...

PS. I'm not the one that disagreed with you kingofps3

Bloodmask5999d ago (Edited 5999d ago )

the release of Halo 3 will mark the biggest release ever in video game history. There are already more preorders for Halo 3 than the entire install base of PS3 worldwide.

Halo is a name people that don't play games know. Overall worldwide recognition of Halo 3 will be a phenomenon that no other video game release will be able to match, bar none.

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darthv728d ago

Great platform, and many of its games (not bc) still hold up well to this day. Like the PS3, I keep a 360 hooked up for those games you can't play any other way.

isarai8d ago

The last gasp of greatness from XBox, you are missed, except the RROD that was lame, but amazing exclusives until the Kinect dropped.

TheBrainZ8d ago

So many brilliant games. I still have one stored somewhere.

LG_Fox_Brazil8d ago

I really enjoyed my X360, some great exclusives on it. Used to play the shit out ot Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, two masterpieces


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Yi-Long54d ago

An Xbox Mini or 360 Mini with 30-50 games each would be an absolute must-have …
Both those consoles had some really great games.

Profchaos54d ago

Realistically you can still buy a 360 at a reasonable price say under 50 bucks they are plentiful and games are dirt cheap at 2 to 10 dollars each could just build your own collection

Rgbsquad53d ago

Mine costed me 90$ :/, didn't feel good about it but it works at least.

FinalFantasyFanatic53d ago

Would be cool, but it's a bit early to put that out, you can still buy 360 games anyway (for now), maybe some statues or model kits would be nice (some older gen consoles already have model kits). Actually, it would be pretty cool if Retroflag made Xbox cases for the new Raspberry Pi 5, I'm surprised they didn't offer a hat either.