EA Still 'Great Believers' In Wii As Sports Active Earns $125 Million

Electronic Arts' EA Sports Active has earned $125 million during its current fiscal year ending this month -- and the publisher sees a major industry blossoming around products that are less video games and more fitness software.

Peripherals and newer motion-control solutions like Microsoft's Natal and Sony's wand are "platform extensions" that are not only extending the duration of the console cycle, but are "bringing new consumers in, knocking down accessibility issues," said EA Sports boss Peter Moore at the ongoing Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference.

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dib8rman3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Are both still games, better games than mirrors edge. >=)

It works better if things aren't classified for the machine to identify it and churn out more of it.

Keep it unclassified and just put your geniuses to work on something entertaining.

Rule 1:

Only niche exercise freaks like to work out.

Rule 2:

Everyone likes to have fun

Rule 3:

Video games are supposed to be fun experiences

Rule 4:

Sports and Exercise games aren't anything new, look at baseball or soccer.

Pong or WiiFit.


Making the same mistake with madden with their new exercise thing is just going to spiral them into another losing year.

They thought people bought Madden and NBA games for the sports and the characters, people buy them because they remember or imagined Football to be fun and using their favorite star in a fun way isn't what they bought the GAME for; they got it for the fun and to use our imagination.

EvilTwin3242d ago

They kinda went off the deep end with Madden. I thought TW10 would've shown them the way:

(I know VGC isn't always terribly accurate, but they're usually in the ballpark for LTD sales.)

Make a game that plays to the Wii's strengths, and don't dumb it down.

Gr813242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Have been sorry PS2 ports with waggle thrown in. they really could have changed the game too. With M+ they could actually have you hold the WiiMote like a paper airplane, use the pointer to spot a receiver and do a short twitch like throw..I hope you guys get the picture I'm trying to paint. But there was potential there. But EA squandered it, made Madden for Wii a joke, a JV football game. I bought 08 and that was it. Sold it back too.

I'm done with Madden on Wii unless EA shows something revolutionary with it. But that's looking highly unlikely. EA better be careful though, because Madden can quickly turn into a Guitar Hero/Rockband. Sales trends show that Maddens best days are behind them, unless they find a way to freshen it up.

The thing that really sucks is that EA has the NFL exclusivity agreement, the moment this (if it) expires the better off football gaming fans will be.

EvilTwin3242d ago

It really stinks with Madden, because the Call Your Shot feature works fantastic. They could have made a very deep "make your own playbook" in addition to the audibles at the line. Put that online, facing people with strange plays and exotic blitzes? That would rock.

Gr813242d ago

Call your shots was a great addition.

btw, Nice Avy..but I like the other one better lol.

asdr3wsfas3242d ago

The avatar is funny but would be better with Gizmo ;)

EvilTwin3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

arius -- Couldn't help it. It's not cool to steal avatars. Samus is your muse, my friend.

bob -- True. But I just discovered someone making a meme out of this:

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Shnazzyone3242d ago

Then they should be ponying up more ad budget for their core titles. Boom Blox 1 & 2 as well as extraction deserved so much more tv time.