Win One for the Core: Charlotte Gaming Team Takes Opener

Editor's note: John Gaudiosi writes the "Gaming Guru" blog for

CARY, N.C. - Carolina has another professional team in its borders. Add the Carolina Core to the Hurricanes, Panthers and Bobcats.

The professional videogame team, part of DirecTV's new Championship Gaming Series, is competing in its first tournaments out at Electronic Arts' Los Angeles studio. DirecTV has partnered with Microsoft, Mountain Dew, Fox and Best Buy to create the first pro gaming league with a full season and $5 million in salaries for the six teams.

Each team represents a city. Charlotte made the cut and the Carolina Core were born.

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THE HIVE MIND4130d ago

this is totaly off topic
but im proud
i love my state
i bleed blue all the way ,hell my feet are blue
we do have the panthers,tarheels,duke,
we have the best baskeball team no need to disagree
we breed them like clones baby
oh and we got epic
and now it seems we have an asskicking gaming clan
pretty cool huh? one problem guys wheres the hive
anyway this sounds like dtv tournaments they do on 101