A Guide To Recognizing Your Gamers: Chapter 6

Here is another gamer archetype analyzed, scrutinized, dissected*, and moderately lampooned for your persual and delight by the guys at Destructoid.

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The Truth hurts4130d ago

Go look at the site. They are obviously on MS payroll. Hell, they even have a MS employee writing for them. Now that's bias!

Tarzan4130d ago

You post anything positive on the PS3 or correct them when they blatantly post false info on it and they will erase your post and ban you. However, the "omgz teh PS3 is Teh Gayz!" posts are perfectly fine by them and can stay.

You are right about Destructoid too. Isn't it kind of funny that the story about the guy who went through 12 Xbox 360's was never reported on, but PS3 bashing news and by the editors is fine? Wonder if that has anything to do with a MS employee being on the staff?

Tsalagi4130d ago

You guys have way too much free time.

Squeely4130d ago

Joystiq banned me and erased my profile too. All because i disagreed with the daily PS3 bash post.

The Truth hurts4130d ago

Not long after i commented on this article a story on the 360 failure rate appeared on their site. Way to cover your a$$es guys. I hope you choke on Billy boy's money.

Tarzan4130d ago

That way they can still maintain a "neutral, unbias" front.

Tarzan4130d ago

Plus flamebait articles get hits to the site and keeps their AOL masters happy.