What Sony Could Offer In A Premium PSN Service

There's been a bit of talk over the alleged leaked Premium Playstation Network features, and how much anyone would actually want to pay for those services. Some people are interested in possibly getting free games, PS1 Classics, and discounts to all content. Others would prefer the beta access, and supposed user-to-user challenges that allow a bit more customization. But in the end these features are just icing on a cake, and have little to do with what being online with a console is all about.

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mephman5247d ago

I think Sony have to think long and hard before they do a premium service, but even if they do, it's going to take a lot for people to want to pay.

Sanrin5247d ago

As long as the service includes puppies, they'll be fine.

somekyle5247d ago

I hope PS Home isn't part of that picture, as to me that was a flop

Kain815247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

i think Peter Dille will do the keynote, if iam not mistaken.
i aspect, that they will announce the Premium PSN and ithink they will bring back Backwardscompatibility and PS2 games on PSN...

read the Leaked SEGA doc it confirms BC for PS3

Sanrin5247d ago

That would be for the best, as many PS2 titles are still fantastic fun to play.

vhero5247d ago

I just want the ability to upload my saves to my account for safe storage what more could you want? They would be tied to your account so couldn't be used on another ps3.

ChozenWoan5247d ago

They are likely releasing DC Universe and Free Realms later this year. While Free Realms is a micro transaction based MMO and will probably be available to all PSN accounts, DCU will be the first of the premium MMOs on the PSN.

You pay either a yearly fee or a monthly fee and you will have access to all MMOs available on the PSN. Sony will track player's time on each MMO and will give them a royalty based on that time to each publisher of a MMO.

There will likely be other perks such as maybe Qore being included or something like that, but the core reason for the premium service will be to pay for the MMOs that are coming. At least that is my humble opinion on this topic.

Sanrin5247d ago

@ChozenWoan Thats a pretty fantastic point. It's really just free money for them in the long run, can't cost too much to offer a few subscription bonuses here and there. Makes MMO's easier to run too.

rockleex5247d ago

But you can use your account on ANY PS3.

Plus, it would be good being able to play Uncharted 2 on your friend's PS3 with your saves directly from the PSN.

RockstarExclusive5247d ago

I'd like to have decent, universal party system.

darthv725247d ago

We know that the core of online play will remain free. What sony could do is take a more expanded approach to online multiplayer. The free service would be limited in player size and possibly server access. This could mean that free play will be limited to user hosted games as currently offered in some but also limited sever size. Games like MAG you could play but top out in 16 or 32 player capacity for free access.

Going for the bigger games could result in subscription fees. Not saying it would but it certainly is an idea and one that still proves true to what sony has said about online being free (to a point). The capacity for players to game in such large games is to good to pass up for sony to make $$ on. Still better than Live and the whole pay to play online period.

Aside from that, I could see them offering up early access to new demos like they do with Qore members. Maybe even allowing media downloads for extended viewing longer than 24hrs. If you pay, you can watch the movie as long as you want for a week or so. If you are free, you can only watch it for 24hrs.

Whatever they do decide to offer is obviously based on two different platforms. 360 and the PC and how each handles subscription based access to content in relation to free.

FragGen5247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

@darthv72: Re limiting game size in free accoutns: I hope they don't do anything that retarded. It'd be horrifically stupid to suddenly start limiting and taking away existing capabilities from the free service.

I think It's all about game RENTALs and MMO-esque opt-in services. I think the core multiplayer features should remain free (just like on a PC ;) ).

ChozenWoan5247d ago

Most PS3 games use dedicated servers as a part of the free service. Since Sony has stated that all free PSN services will remain the same, this means that Premium membership has to come with services and bonuses not found in the current service.

On another note:
XGChat would be a new service and could be a part of the premium service as it's not currently a part of the free service. Not to mention the fee would be used to pay for the dedicated voice servers much like Vent and Teamspeak are done on the PC.

Come to think of it, Video and or Music streaming could also be apart of the new service. There is so much potential right there alone that Sony would be crazy not to tap into that market, especially when you consider they own lots of music and movie/tv studios.

EvilBlackCat5247d ago


But but bu bu bu Sony is no so stupid to do so

NO sony was stupid for not charging an annual fee

The free PSN is hurting them

darthv725247d ago

Good point about the dedicated servers. They obviously cost $$ to run so I am just looking at the free vs paid access to game types/sizes as an idea to recoup some of those costs. Obviously it would not affect current/previous titles. They could do something like this in future titles. Much like in pc games you can host your own for free or join a dedicated server in a membership.

They could do all sorts of non gaming related percs but they would have to be substantial in order to drum up the members. You see the real advantage psn vs live is actual online play. MS gives almost everything else free to the silvers. Sony has said that online play will remain free but there is something behind those words. As if there is a "but" that should follow that statement. Perhaps they aren't ready to reveal it just yet thinking there will be a huge backlash from the current PSN fanbase (which there would). So they are looking at all sorts of other avenues to go down but ultimately it may all lead them back to the split online idea.

Free is free and it will be free they arent denying that. Looking towards the future of PSN they know the cash cow that expanded online could potentially bring. After people have adjusted to playing on psn the way it is now, they slowly introduce the payment plan for playing. Not to say that is sneaky but it could be viewed as such unless they explain it in such a way to make it enticing to pay to play.

ChozenWoan5246d ago

but I don't think Sony would divide the PSN Premium gamers from the regular gamers in future games, well other than MMOs as I mentioned earlier. Yes, from a business standpoint they could do as suggested some time in the future, but from a cultural standpoint it would be akin to going back on their word.

For now, we will just have to wait and see what Sony has up it's sleeve. Which will likely be revealed at E310.

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somekyle5247d ago

Offer #1: taking cash from my wallet


rockleex5247d ago

Its not as if you're required to pay in order to play online like *cough cough*.

kenpachi5247d ago

like E74 on a paid service

-Alpha5247d ago

The biggest incentive is to pay to play online, and MS knows that. That's why Gold subscribers exist, but Sony can't do that because it screws customers. That is why their online will be free, but now they need to look elsewhere to offer incentives.

Perhaps they will offer things like free games or free themes, etc. Cross Game Chat seems like the biggest incentive to upgrade, but we should also get numerous other features like maybe trophy leaderboards, a cleaner UI, etc.

We'll have to wait and see