Sony Map Pack, Global Server and Patch Update

Glad to report that the new map pack, global Server and patch update are all ready to go and will be available for download Friday June 29th after 7 am EST. Along with the two new additional maps of Westmorland and Camborne, we can expect a bunch of other great features such as:
Being able to view your PlayStation Network Friends list from our in-game lobby

-We're offering an in-game method for reporting abusive players
-Voice chat through TV speakers if you don't have a microphone
-Clan leadership transfer
-Human character lip syncing and facial animation control
-Penalty time enforced on people who frequently quit ranked games
-Ranked games that become unbalanced prior to launch will automatically be canceled in the lobby

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Satanas4133d ago

" -Voice chat through TV speakers if you don't have a microphone "
Good, now all those stupid noobs that LAARK everyone can hear the insults everyone throws at them.

Violater4133d ago

I seriously hope we get the option to mute that.

Satanas4133d ago

You can always mute voice chat. Better to just buy a headset though, then have everyone's trash talk come out of your TV's speakers.

kingofps34133d ago

Nice features. I wished they came out a bit sooner. Now, I am busy with The Darkness and its online multiplayer. Plus, many of my other RFoM buddies have made the jump to RB6 Vegas.

I definitely will check it out for sure. No thanks , no maps for me:)

Satanas4133d ago

I still play Resistance, but I doubt I'll buy the maps as I'm not that frequent of an online player.

pwnsause4133d ago

lip synching lol, imagine singing thru the mic, lolz

PlayStation3604133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

I imagine that dude singing, and then a LAARK rocket comes and BAM! lol
"my bologne has a first name......" KABOOM!!!! LOL
Or better yet, a sniper shot. Seeing through the sniper scope, looking at the target's mouth moving.....SNIPE!!! LMAO. Bubble for you bro. :)

SIX4133d ago

I will definately support Insomniac and get these.

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