Brand New God of War 3 Gameplay Footage - 720p - *HUGE SPOILERS*

Spoiler Alert! got their hands on God of War 3 and decided to upload a brand new God of War 3 gameplay footage to youtube.

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NateNater3893d ago

I refuse to watch this no matter how amazing it may be. Only two more weeks. Two more weeks!

FangBlade3893d ago

This video contains a HUGE amount of spoilers, think twice before watching guys.

Hellsvacancy3893d ago

I watched it for 49 seconds and had 2 turn it off, looks MENTAL

3893d ago
Kaliumhest3893d ago

Oh my God of War!

I watched it all. I just couldn't resist.

raztad3893d ago

Dont spoil yourself guys. Me no watching.

devsgreat3893d ago

poisodon is superb!...omg this is gonna be soo epic...and i only watch this for like 2 minutes...

Syronicus3893d ago

And TheGamer, your post is epic. Saving that pic for future laughs.


sikbeta3893d ago

NO WAY!! I Don't going to watch anything, ENOUGH with the SPOLERS

I Want The Game NOW!!!

God Of War 3 FTW!!!

L-Teezy3893d ago

that Poseidon fight was sick! i had to watch it :p

MiloGarret3893d ago

That was messed up... You know what part. Thumbs up.

Looks incredible, but yeah that was an absolutely spoilerific review.

On a sidenote: Has anyone wondered how THIS is allowed in Germany but not GeoW 1-2? This is clearly more violent and brutal.

Kain813893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

EDIT: cause even i found it too HARDCORE

chidori6663893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

heres the metal gear rising and shadow man, the truth,the cell,jack who, cold 2000,comodore64,GR8 1,whe won,in this pic?

Lifendz3893d ago

after having seen that Game Trailers TV spot. I just wanted to see how much better the game looks in its final build and I was blown away. Now it's just a matter of do I get the Collector's edition or the regular edition, pocket the saved money, and maybe get DarkSiders. I'm not into Heavy Metal, that Art Book would probably get lost or destroyed, and I don't know what I'd do with a life sive pandoras box.

deafwing3893d ago

Wow, das einige erstaunliche extra footage bekamen sie ist ihr.
(^_^ )
Nein, ich spreche kein Deutsch.

deafwing3893d ago

.. wtf man ... this game is beyond epic.

rockleex3893d ago

What was the picture you took off of though?

AKNAA3893d ago

This game is [email protected]#Kin' incredible!!! I can't believe that all that was actual gameplay and not cgi!!!

SixZeroFour3893d ago

ok i gotta everyone saying they wont watch it, why bother clicking to post? just annoying...i mean i understand why you wouldnt, but no need to click on the article to post that you arent going to watch it if you KNOW you arent going to watch it...its just as annoying as the ppl posting that they arent interested in a game when the article they clicked on is about that very same game they said they werent interested in...if you arent interested, then why bother clicking on an article about it

i for one havent watched it YET, but will...only cause this game looks sick and i dont have a ps3 to play it yet

ZBlacktt3893d ago

Just watched it, there's no spoilers in this..... just game play, part of a god battle and a first person view killing, then more game play showing some bad guys in th game. Some stuff I've seen before in video's. Much like the one the other day with GT tv.

But still, if you don't want to see anything more. Than yeah, just pass on it.

GrandDragon3893d ago

Looks on Par with FFXIII, awesome graphics!

Only two more weeks, I am so hyped!

Megaton3893d ago

Epic boss battle. Poseidowned.

Rumor3893d ago

gaia has a huge RACK!! lol

GOW= game of the century

DaTruth3893d ago

I hope that's some other "The Truth", because my name doesn't belong in a list with those other names!

FACTUAL evidence3893d ago the

badz1493892d ago

I know, I'm weak! GoW3 FTW!!

WildArmed3892d ago

I've held off from watchin gow3 videos since the 'new' trailer was out..
so i dont plan on watching this.
esp. since i skipped the GT GoW3 blowout too

Millah3892d ago

the graphics and sense of scope in that boss battle were unbelievable. simply mind blowing.

3892d ago
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GrandDragon3893d ago

There's no spoilers in this at all the guys just lying, it basically shows the fight between that water god and Kratos fighting these Bull type creatures.

We've already seen this in the GTTV episode, it just goes a bit more in depth into the gameplay.

No spoilers here so all the weak ones can watch it.

The Wood3893d ago

IS classed as a spoiler in many peoples eyes.....some of us like to get fcuked up first before we actually work it out

ZBlacktt3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Then why be in here posting at all? There's no story to read here. What he stated is true. This video is no different than the GTtv video. Not a big deal and those who don't care to watch, just move along. No biggie :)

The Wood3893d ago

BUT telling people theres nothing to worry about isnt exactly cosher ESPECIALLY those who just want to see the reaction of those who did watch it....kinda like 2girls 1cup. I watched loads of reactions without watching the real thing....Him telling others its spoiler free is kinda misleading AS the reason i mentioned above may be enough of a spoiler for some not all but some.

ZBlacktt3892d ago

LOL, nice try..... try again. There are no spoilers in this video. If you think different. Then every video posted on this site over the last year is a spoiler. Which you for one have not watched a single one huh? Yeah, though so.

The Wood3892d ago

I watched the video...I saw how to beat the boss.....spoiled....Argue with the author and the 7 who disagreed with the guy above not me...Your acting like u didnt read what i said...For SOME this video can be seen as a spoiler NO OTHER VIDEO has anything to do with the matter...hows that for trying:)

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MajesticBeast3893d ago

Warning can cause mayor heart attack goddamn it looks so good.

rockleex3893d ago

That would be a nice way to assassinate the mayor.


deafwing3893d ago

.. even looking at my keyboard .. I'm trying to understand how he/she typed "y" instead of "J" ... they are so far apart ... it only leaves one more reason left. :D

alphakennybody3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

When awesomeness blinds you, you don't what care what letter you're hitting.

deafwing3893d ago

.. that sounds fair given how this game is. Can someone come up with a word that's greater than "epic" so I can use it describe this game?

Christopher3893d ago


Then there's always Absolute.

deafwing3893d ago

... Titanic ... Mythic is good ... but Titanic gives it girth, size, proportion and magnitude.

God of War III is Titanic. :D

SixZeroFour3893d ago

i actually like mythic over epic and titanic, in the sense that its beyond belief

nycredude3893d ago



Game changing!

Earth shattering!

Epitome of Action Adventure games!

The 1!

badz1493892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )


suits GoW3 perfectly IMO! why the HELL even suggest "Titanic"?? a ship using the same name sank the 1st time it went out!

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