Codemasters Inflated Sales Figures for DiRT

GWN editor Richard Manley writes, "I was a little skeptical when I received the original press release from Codemasters claiming that 500,000 copies of DiRT had been sold in opening week. I had previously expressed my disregard for the ageing central pivot point driving physics still used in the game series, and I was surprised that the sales figures reported by Codemasters were so high.

Now it seems my skepticism was not unfounded. In an interview with Joystiq, VG Chartz president Brett Walton reportedly revealed that the 500,000 figure was actually representative of the number of copies of DiRT shipped to stores, not the actual number of copies sold!

Walton explained that sales of DiRT in week one were not 500,000, but were actually as follows:

* 70,000 (U.S. Xbox 360)
* 40,000 (U.S. PC)
* 150,000 (Europe Xbox 360 & PC)

That totals just 260,000 copies actually sold in week one - almost half the amount quoted by Codemasters!

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OldSchoolGamer4134d ago

Thats sad, go play Forza for simulation racing, or Motorstorm for Arcade racing. This hybrid looks pretty, but is nothing groundbreaking.

NextGen24Gamer4134d ago

What do they know about real sales statistics? Thats their source for stating DIRT didn't sell 500k? I believe Codemasters over VG charts.

P.S. I love the game personally. I took back Motorstorm after playing it. Its much prettier than Motorstorm...And the gameplay physics is much more realistic than Motorstorm...and Much more tracks....

Forza is still the racing game to beat on the 360 though...Its absolutely Amazing with no equal. Especially with the wireless wheel and on my 1080p tv. WOW

WafflesID4134d ago

Why does this matter? Doesn't make any difference as far as the game is concerned. I can just see the fanboys using this for ammo to talk up their preference of games.

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The story is too old to be commented.