Drake' S Fortune: Exclusive Video and Impressions from IDE

Source is French.

Google Translated :
Definitely, Sony spoiled the small French while proposing to us to leave to discovered very mysterious Uncharted: Drake' S Fortune, the new project under development since a few years in the studios of Naughty Dog. The scenario begins whereas Drake and his girl friend fly over the ocean on board an old cuckoo. Suddenly, this one falls in roads: the crash landing is inevitable. They thus decide to jump in parachute for finally landing in the middle of the jungle. A rythmé beginning worthy of the greatest Hollywood productions. Moreover, impossible not to think of Indiana Jones and his well soaked environment. With the ray of the comparisons, the title of Naughty Dog also approaches Tomb Raider, but simply in the form. In the content, Uncharted: Drake' S Fortune seems at the same time single and much deeper. However, the gameplay does not have anything revolutionist. In fact, the play is articulated around two points: phases of research and combat.

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Violater4224d ago

Jeez I cant wait to see more of this game.
And dare I say a demo.

Lord Anubis4224d ago

its jaw dropping. It look beyond amazing.

nextgengaming184224d ago

Whoever was playing really sucked.

hikikimori4224d ago


Game looks amazing!

Satanas4224d ago

Haha, someone disagreed. I guess they thought he was good? That, or they're even worse and insecure about it.

Or *gasp* maybe it was a fanboy who just disagreed with everyone? Pht, nooo, that'd never happen on N4G.

Violater4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Seeing as though none of us have played it, WE WOULD ALL BE NOOBS.
Furtermore is gave us a chance to see more of the game I think.

TheExecutive4224d ago

lol looks awesome! seriously... looks amazing

kingofps34224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I can guarantee there will be plenty of games coming this year and B3YOND that fall into the category of "jaw dropping" for the PS3.

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Your bubbles are protected. Nobody can give or take. I would have if I could. I always give ppl if they ask (no matter which side they're on).

Edit:@Lord Anubis
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Yes! thats good "Sony Positive Guys UNITED!"

CrazzyMan4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

well i always give a bubble to sony positive guys. =)

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guess not enough sony positive guys on this site for now..

this time i lost my lost bubble after these 2 post:
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i mean, people agree with what i say, but some Xfanboys just gives negative feedback..
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Lord Anubis4224d ago

I already gave you positive feed back kingofPS3. it locks up for a certain period of time after you have giver feed back to a member to prevent members for taking advantage of the system. Since I already gave you positive feed back it will be a while before I can leave feed back for you. :(