Heavenly Sword: Exclusive Video and Impressions from IDE

Source is French

Google Translation:

Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword represents one of the titles most awaited on PS3. It should be said that the first playable version available last May to E3 had succeeded in putting water to us at the mouth. One year afterwards, us revoilà in front of Nariko, a heroin new generation lends to all to break! Hair with the wind, the first appearance of the beautiful redhead to the screen cannot leave indifferent a journalist to the mounting. Not, one rather does not speak about the charming general young lady, but about the figure of the play. As of the first moments, one manages to feel this so particular environment which is announced already out of the commun run. Before returning in the sharp one of the subject, one offers to us a splendid sight, a true panorama of colors. Of memory, seldom a play PS3 will not have proposed this same returned, Net and without bur.

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Violater4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Blood glorious Bloodshed.!!
This was a great find.

jwatt4134d ago

The video quality sucked, plus the guy that was playing wasn't that good. I've seen videos where like the developer was pulling off all kinds of moves.

TruthHurts4134d ago

thats the worst demonstration of how the game plays i`ve ever seen.

looks beautiful, i wish I was PLAYING IT.

ShAkKa4134d ago

the guy playing is pretty bad the game look pretty good thought.

Wile4134d ago

...smarter in the final version. All the enemies did was stand there most time wait for their beating. Pretty game especially in the ingame cut scenes.

Omegasyde4133d ago

I agree, it seems every soldier was waiting for their beating.

Either that or they they were checking her out.

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The story is too old to be commented.