Microsoft shuts down "Longhorn Reloaded"

Microsoft has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the operators of "Longhorn Reloaded," a project that was dedicated to reviving an earlier beta of Windows Vista from before the company removed certain features, such as WinFS. The operator of the site has since posted a message saying that he had removed the download link, and this was followed up by a statement from Jean-Marie Houvenaghel-the founder of the web site and supervisor of the Longhorn Reloaded project-that the project was officially discontinued.

Longhorn Reloaded was an ambitious attempt to revive Windows Vista from the time before the project went through its infamous "Longhorn reset."That reset came August 27, 2004, when project leader Jim Allchin mandated that the Longhorn team abandon the work it had done on the kernel and start afresh with the kernel of Windows 2003 Server, in addition to removing key features such as WinFS.

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XxZxX4183d ago

well, just sign that WinFS is coming from microsft. Vista is another Windows Me, the next one would really kick ass. till then, **** you vista.

THWIP4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Vista IS NOT another ME. Just because it hasn't gained enough industry support to move people away from XP, doesn't mean it's a bad OS. ME was merely a last minute stop-gap between 98 and XP, because everybody had products involving the new Millenium at the time, and MS tried to capitalize on it. It bit them in the ass bigtime, and they learned from that. XP is a quality OS, but it's also 6-1/2 y.o.; time to move on. Like it or not, Vista WILL BE the dominate OS for the pc in the upcoming years; MS is just a victim of the success they've had with XP. All of the problems with resource requirements, sluggishness, etc. that people like to b1tch about with Vista, happened with XP early on; I find it funny that people conveniently forget that.

ben hates you4183d ago

is called windows Vienna, it's already in developement for about 2010 i think

Charlie26884183d ago

I might upgrade to 2-3 more Service know when they actually finish it >.>