Rockstar thanks game community for support over Manhunt 2

The Rockstar team have been sending out an e-mail of thanks to all those gamers who offered support to them over the controversial Manhunt 2 games title. The e-mail states that the team hopes to have more information on the status of the game soon but overall thanks the gaming community for messages of support.

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OldSchoolGamer4183d ago

I believe in free speech and the company that brought us so many unforgettable hits, but... they seem to simply be going for shear shock value in a time when almost nothing is off limits. It would be mainly bad for the video game community if this gets released as is, and please hear me out.

1. Politicians would have lots of ammo for unneeded attacks on a hobby.
2. Some retard would duplicate a horrible moment and ruin the industry even more.
3. Kids would play the game after "parents" don't do what the most important thing they could ever do, and that is be parents.

So, my love for you Rockstar, but take the hint!

MK_Red4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

I still think more gamers should have signed that petition and also, everyone (site, mag and gamer) should have done much more to prevent Manhunt2 from this totall ban. And giving so much power to ESRB and some anti-gamers, now they want to censor and rate video game TRAILERS!

Also, R* Rocks. Thank you Rockstar.

Legionaire20054183d ago

Here is a link to the online petition if you want Manhunt 2 uncensored sign here:


MK_Red4183d ago

I did sign it a while ago but sadly, still there aren'y many sigs.

Rhezin4183d ago

ya they deserve our support they make many kickazz games. Red Dead Revolver, Man Hunt, GTA series. Now Manhunt 2? HELL YA! w00t for Rockstar

Tsalagi4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

They should thank us. We gave them millions worth of publicity for free. Now hurry and release Manhunt 2 and get me a GTA 4 demo and we'll call it even.

P.S.- Throwing in one of those special edition GTA packs wouldn't hurt either. ;)

WANDA4183d ago

This is ridiculous.
I love Rockstar's games. Mostly amazing.

But to thank people for support?
Did Rockstar's grandma die?

They were pushing the limits of game rating purposefully, I just don't think they knew they would get an AO rating. That I thought and most thought was a rating for sexual and not violent ratings, much like movies. A movie can be as violent as it wants, but any private parts and the movie goes NC-17, like showgirls or whatnot.
And Manhunt 2 is much more violent than sexual.

And might I ask why the rating was so bad? I mean, Manhunt 2 is definitely a game for Adults Only.
But i don't really care.
Rockstar was pushing the envelope for notoriety, then they got too much, now they act victimized and thank media and press to divert attention onto disgruntled politicians.

And banning trailers based on their ratings is RIDICULOUS.
Any trailer for an R-Rated movie is always "APPROVED FOR ALL AUDIENCES"

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