Sega Rally In-Game Video

New in-game video of Sega Rally Revo for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Diselage4127d ago

This game is looking hot, if there really are deformable tracks this game is probably going to do very very well.

deadpreacher4127d ago

I like the look and the deformable track idea. Yet i don't like the overall arcady feel it seems to have. Hitting a wall striaght on at full speed than bouceing off just to turn the right way without losen any speed just don't look that fun. They have a good thing going with the look of the game and the deformable tracks, but that really seems as far as the game goes. Well at least it has online so thats another plus! I don't want to put this game down, but i believe it may be just for the younger ones that enjoy arcade racers!

BlackCountryBob4127d ago

I know it is an arcade game but it needs a little car damage, even just cosmetic damage but it needs something.

JIN KAZAMA4127d ago

Nothing compares to Motorstorm.

level 3604127d ago

This game is a for rent only title. Looks like it will suck even with ground deformation feature.