Exclusive Halo 3 Q&A - Brand new information and massive secrets exposed

With the Halo 3 Beta now just a collection of fading memories and YouTube videos, the question remains: how different will the final game be from the beta? Brian Jarrard, Bungie Community Lead speaks with Games Radar.

From the interview:

Games Radar: Really hardcore players had a lot of fun reaching some high areas of the maps - is this something you'll be allowing in the finished multiplayer game?

Brian Jarrard: There were definitely some areas that fans managed to reach that our designers either never intended or were aware of but couldn't fix in time for the beta. The final game will not allow people to get outside of the map or break the way the game is meant to be played.

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power of Green 4183d ago

Makes he mad that he beats around the bush about what the real game will be like and look like but oh-well i guess they have to suprize the world, I guess that anwser is good enough and is still telling us the beta was just slapped together for testing and isn't reflective of the game.

OldSchoolGamer4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Is just that...a beta. I'm happy I got to play it and was amazed by some new stuff and a little ticked off at others. This game will be what the others have been, a system seller. If they had shown me another commercial, or some CGI from a non-in-game engine, I would have been let down, but as is have some fond memories of the beta. Are the graphics as good as Gears? Definitely not. Are they a huge improvement over Halo 2? Yes. Single player I'm sure will amaze, as the others have. The story in it has always been wonderful (minus the crappy ending in part 2 where you get the finish the fight line and it ends). Oh well, I expect nothing but top notch from Bungie. Multiplayer seems to be everything, and Halo always delivers. Part 1 was Lan parties, Part 2 was a matchmaking system that set the standard, part 3, the video share is simply over-the-top. Everyone has to share that first "perfection" video (15 kills-0 deaths). Oh well, lets see what the final product looks and plays like before any serious comments about the game. As of now, "it was a beta."

PS. Where was the huge Secrets?

OldSchoolGamer4183d ago

would make sense why they are close. Try reading them?

OneBubbleBastard4183d ago

hmmmm HALO.. got so old, soo fast...

dachiefsman4183d ago

Nothing was exposed by that article....the title needs to be edited.

I really didn't see any new exciting information.

ryanjtravis4182d ago

Talk about a horrible title... horribly misleading!

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The story is too old to be commented.