Coming Never: The Silver Lining


"On today's episode of "You've Wasted Eight Years of Your Life", we focus on the Phoenix Online Studios. Phoenix Online Studios (I'm on their side, so don't expect me to use the acronym "POS") has spent the last eight years toiling on a fan-made love-labored sequel to King's Quest 8 called "The Silver Lining".

A lot can happen in eight years. Originally, when Phoenix began The Silver Lining, the King's Quest properties were owned by Vivendi, who took them over from Sierra. Today, though, the Sierra library is owned by the game industries own Oceania, Activision.

Videndi actually had given Phoenix Online Studios permission to run with The Silver Lining, granting them a non-commercial license for it, something Phoenix was planning to run with when they launched The Silver Lining as a episodic release this Spring.

Then, in a move that perhaps doesn't pull as many heartstrings as Squenix killing the fan-made Chrono Trigger sequel a few months ago, but one much more insidious, the enchanted sword fell. Activision's legal team (which I can only assume is referred to as the unfortunately catchy "Actilegal") has apparently reneged that decision and issued Phoenix a cease and desist order on The Silver Lining, going so far as forcing The Silver Lining's forums to be taken down."

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edwineverready5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

And space quest of course. Damn activision now owns the licenses to those games. We will never see another space or king's police quest then. that is a shame would have loved a space quest or king's quest.


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