Dead Rising Extended Hands-On

Since first shown at E3 2005, Capcom's Dead Rising has generated a significant amount of excitement among those who played. After all, who doesn't enjoy running over 50 zombies with a lawnmower? Nobody. Except communists. Unfortunately for everyone who got to play the game, the build has always been on a timer. For instance, at E3 2006, the game timed out after 15 minutes. Recently Capcom had sent out a 50-minute build. This too cut the action off before players could properly embroil themselves in the grisly business of zombie-slaying. The most recent build sent out, however, is a 95-percent complete version of the game. No more timer limits. No more inability to save. No more of the game resetting nanoseconds before a thunderous swing of a baseball bat was unleashed on an undead face. We were able to play the actual game, uncover numerous story points, earn a number of attack skills, and get a better sense of how the gameplay flowed with this near-final build. So far, things are looking good.

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