Lair Release Date Announced

Gaming Today Reports:

You see that date up there my friends? That's the date that PS3 owners will be looking forward to because not only does it mean the long awaited, highly anticipated Lair comes out, but it also is the date where the PS3 software "drought" officially ends and the good games begin to roll out.

Not only has the release date been revealed today, but also it's been revealed that we can all expect a Lair demo to hit the Playstation Network sometime in July. Here's hoping it'd happen near the 4th of July. What better way to ring in America's independence by burning up some soldiers and and then eating them while they still cry in agonizing pain.

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Satanas4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

At least it's confirmed (the release date), I was getting annoyed at it slowly rising every now and then. A week later than it was before, but I'll be on vacation anyway so I can't pick it up till the end of August. Oh well, hopefully the demo is in early July.

Nice, a fanboy went through this article giving most of us disagrees. How sad, probably has nothing better to do =).

Kleptic4156d ago

yeah I hope the demo is soon too...but..."they", as in not Sony, said we would see a Lair demo in June...and we didn't (last update for June was today)...and Sony never says anything about it until a day or two we will see I guess...

I noticed the date creeping up too though for this was early July at first, then mid, then late, then early mid August

Satanas4156d ago

It'd be unfortunate if the demo came out late July/August, but at least Sigma is out next week, so there's something to play until Lair. =)

Covenant4156d ago

Still wish I had this for my 360. However, one of my friends just bought a PS3, and he intends to get this. So maybe I'll get to play it after all.

Satanas4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Having friends that live close by with other systems certainly is good eh?

I have two close-by friends with 360s, and another with the Wii. So we rotate around when good games come out.

(I guess fanboys do not even read what they are disagreeing to. That, or they are so infatuated with their 1 console that they would NEVER go to a buddy's to play one of the others. Behold, these are the lowlifes who epitomize fanboyism.)

Covenant4156d ago

Hell hath no fury like a fanboy scorned.

I'm just wondering what they're disagreeing with. The fact that I'm secure enough (and mature enough) to be willing to play a game on a competing system?

For the record, the same friend with the PS3 wants me to show him how to play Gears. And later, Halo 3.

And, we're both thrilled that DMC4 is coming to both of our systems.

What's wrong with that?

Satanas4156d ago

Agreed again. Good to see more people who care about games rather than console superiority.

MK_Red4156d ago

Awesome, its really close. Its been a while since MotorStorm, last PS3 exclusive and its not a normal game, its the Lair. I hope this is the game to show PS3's power.

Satanas4156d ago

I think it'll do a good job at utilising the Cell, but it'll take time before we see developers maximizing its abilites. I think Eggebrecht (if that's how you spell it) said himself that they'll just be scratching the surface of what they can do this time around.

I still expect some greatness to come from this.

funkysolo4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

I just saw the control scheme, it's pretty cool. Seems like they really put alot of effort into this game. All I been hearing is great things about this game, made me want to pick it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.