Metroid Prime 3 Boxart

The Metroid Prime 3: Corruption boxart for Wii has been finalized. This is the first image of the front of box, in all its glory.

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emptiness4131d ago

i really hope this is wrong...

i think it looks cheap and not very artistic. it looks more like a collage than an artistic presentation... bring back the black background and blue crescent...

M_Prime4130d ago

okay its BOX ART.. get over it.. nothing special.. but i don't see the NINTENDO WIFI logo.. i hope the final version has one.. i hope there is WIFI

though BLAZING ANGELS had the WIFI logo on their box art for ages, almost till the day it launched..

ShadoWulf4127d ago

Where's the Metroid signature circle behind the title? I mean, come on! EVERY Prime has a circle divided into 8ths behind it! That's making me doubt this is real.

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