Bugged Playstation 3 units returning to normal

Examiner: It seems like the massive Playstation 3 outage yesterday may be coming to an end. Multiple forums posters are reporting that their Playstation 3 models are beginning to function properly again.


Sony says PlayStation Network service has been restored.

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Torkith3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

I can't believe how many DOOM articles we had in the past 24 hours. At least it's good to know it's fixed now.

morganfell3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

My 120GB models (2) functioned normally. I just fired up my launch 60Gb model and it signed in and synchronized the trophies.

I knew this would make certain 360 fanboys look bad. The 360 gets the RROD and dies but the PS3 is so wicked tough it can fix itself...

Torkith3932d ago

Yeah the comparisons to the RRoD was a little extreme. I'm glad to see Sony could correct the problem so quickly.

ScarT3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

A lot of newspapers in my country has picked this story up. Bad for Sony, because I don't think they deserve it. I have experienced minor PSN outages (1-2hrs) in the 2 years i have had a PS3. Thats not bad.

But this will probably be fixed in the next firmware update, so it won't happen in the future.

But thank you Sony for your fast response and acknowledgement to the problem.

Press_Agree3932d ago

My Xbox 360 never went down :)

Carlton Banks3932d ago

So 360 fanboys go back into hiding now?

redsquad3932d ago

Alright trolls, get back under your bridges!

Def Warrant3932d ago

The problem was/will never be as big as the RROD (history defining failure) phenomenon. People just wanted to bash the ps3 for it's constant AAA's and recent momentum. Also some desperate sites wanted to shift some people towards the inferior 360 version of FF13.

Bungie3932d ago

right on time to play some HR
just got my trophies after sync with the server

glade it's all working good now , i almost freaked out

morganfell3932d ago

But Sony didn't have to correct the issue. The PS3 corrected itself. That is what occurs when you have a system that is self aware. Thankfully Sony didn't take the quick, cheap route and slap the system together out of last gen PC components.

ScarT3932d ago


You're late. We're already 8 minuttes into this story? Why the late response?

I don't suppose you were sleeping.

GarandShooter3932d ago

Some people talk about moving mountains, but Sony moved the damn international date line just to get this clock error fixed for their fans...either that or they flashed us forward and then back again through time without our knowledge just to hook us up. Either way, Sony's customer service can't be beat. :)

On topic: My slim has been fine, haven't fired up the 60 GB phatty in the bedroom yet, so I don't know about that one. Only trophy issue I noticed is my HR trophies didn't post to I'm not worried though, because the same thing happened with Demon's Souls and was corrected shortly thereafter. Good gaming to all.

fantasygamer3932d ago

bungie was deciding which screen name to use and im soo happy the problem is finally over ^.^

morganfell3932d ago

You invite an interesting comparison. Sony immediately posted in multiple ways that they were looking at the issue and working on a fix.

Microsoft pretended the RROD issue never existed and now act like it has disappeared.

fear883932d ago

My PS3 is back on its feet and online. No trophy loss, no game loss, no savedata loss.


BattleAxe3932d ago

This is the reason I bought a PS3, mainly because its smarter than most 360 users.

coolcole933932d ago

Can someone ban Bungie now please?

I'm bored of him.

360FanBotTroll3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

PS3 is teh doomz!!! This can't be possible! How could it fix itself?!

We were really hoping this would be much bigger than the E74 RROD problem with 360.
I guess it was just a false alarm.

I surrender to the undeniable power of the PS3.
Time to go back into my troll cave :(

tmt3453932d ago

...but I always find his comments HILARIOUS! he always makes me literally LOL

Shadow Flare3932d ago

Xbox 360 - Jump Out
PlayStation 3 - Leap In

Godmars2903932d ago

At least until XBL goes down w/o warning again...

GrieverSoul3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Best comment I´ve read in days!

On Topic: This was an internal clock error. It should of fix itself as the GMT passes its date to the 2nd (or 1st) of March.

BRG90003932d ago

Wow, this machine's getting a lot of credit for "fixing itself." GMT just hit March 2, so now the PS3s all think it is March 1. Since this is a valid date, the error went away.

Don't celebrate that it fixed itself, celebrate that its internal clock is at least partially functional. :P

Saaking3932d ago

All those doom articles were kinda funny. Brought me back to the early PS3 days and reminded me how the entire media got OWNED by Sony. Good to see my PS3 back in action.

andron3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Then I can start playing Heavy Rain tomorrow.

And all the trollz can go back to sleep, this must have been exhausting for them, poor things...

Edit: Yeah Bungie is great fun, every community needs a village idiot...

sikbeta3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )


"Sony gains RROD sized issue as PS3 stops "doing everything"

"PS3's big error: Time to go offline?"

Unbelievable, those are 2 Titles from 2 Different Articles about the Clock-issue and blowing IT Out OF Proportion

Anyway, Gamers FTW!!!


WOW, this is Going To Be Amazingly FUNNY, I mean The Damage Control from the sites that were saying "da doomedz"...

zoks3103932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

It truely "Does Everything" even repairs and fixes itslef.

Now that's bad ass, I bet 360 owner wish their dead 360 could fix itslef.

Gen0ne3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

HR here I come. Oh yeah, thanks Sony.

Skynetone3932d ago


my clock did say the first, so i updated it, in time settings to the second

Boody-Bandit3932d ago

*does a little happy dance*
Just in time for BFBC2 tomorrow!
Back to Darksiders!

Bathyj3932d ago

I know, Its almost like some sections of the internet were waiting for some kind of bad news with PS3 to pounce on it and milk it for all its worth.

But surely no one on the internet is that petty. Are they?

Absolut_Turkey3932d ago

"Playstation: It Only Does Self Resurrection"

DaTruth3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

I powered mine up 10 minutes ago after having it off for over 24 hours and it was reading Feb.28,2010 7:10pm EST.

Not sure why it stopped at feb.28. But I updated time via internet and now it's reading Mar.1,2010 7:10pm EST.

FamilyGuy3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

But would this fix have worked if we had tried it yesterday or did sony actually do something?

"Playstation: It Only Does Self Resurrection"

Quote of the fuccing day! (QOTFD) LMAO

IdleLeeSiuLung3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

This is a minor issue similar to when the Zune had a similar issue. I guess the difference is you get all these output that just sounds scary.

Whoever screwed up the code can't feel too good right now especially as some reported above, it is being picked up by local media outlets.

fear883932d ago

But that did not help my 360 e74. Luckily I had a torx screwdriver handy and my reflow oven ready for action. You'd think I have the worst luck in the world when the 360 e74s and PS3 goes awry with the time paradox simultaneously. But where microsoft failed, I succeeded.

LOL maybe MS should send their consoles to me instead of to the factory.

Foliage3932d ago

I wonder how many bloggers will write a retraction, or post anything about how the issue is already fixed.

For the record, this was fixed in under the span of a day, the 360 had no service during Christmas (how many people were trying to play a new game?) FOR A WEEK!

But I'm glad to see the North American media are still waiting for any negative PS3 news to jump on. When God of War 3 releases, these kid bloggers will be changing their skin very quick.

tinybigman3932d ago

turned it on about 20 mins ago and low and behold it fixed itself lol. i have a friend at work who's a huge M$ fanboy who called me at work to gloat about what happened. i can't wait to see him tomorrow at work hahahahaha im going to let him have it.

i didnt have to do what examiner said to do it just logged itself in. on the plus side did anyone notice that the trophy sync is a helluva lot faster?

S M N3932d ago

It only does everything, even fix it self

oh sony what did you creat

DaTruth3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Much better than Microsoft's repairs for Hardware problems; They just disconnect the red lights and have the console display an E74 error.

Now 360 fans can rave about how RROD is gone and Microsoft doesn't have to fix their consoles under 3 year warranty because they can claim it is not RROD!

Lucky 360 owners!!!!

chochoy3932d ago

Skynet is apparently using PS3s to plan the attack on mankind.

raztad3931d ago


As expected for everyone but the delusional xboxers the problem is solved. Fortunately for me my PS3 never went down. Always alive and kicking.

"bubu bu it'z teh ps3 RRODz" lame really lame.

SilentNegotiator3931d ago

Xbox fanboys/trolls are now in tears. Sorry, guys, I know you were wishing for this to last longer than a week like at the end of 2007 on LIVE.

ThanatosDMC3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Crap, i wanna get back home and try it out for myself! Gotta play MAG tomorrow then.

It really does everything!



tinybigman3931d ago

and while watching 24 fox 5 news breaks in with one of the leads. it says and i quote "GLOBAL MELTDOWN" millions of PS3s stop working.

OMG can you believe this? i wanna if they know that everyone's systems are coming back online or online already.

this is just sad.

liebringer3931d ago

yeah, right... I bet a lot of 360 owners would love if their xboxes died just one day, every two years...

PS3 it only does fixing itself...

na2ru13931d ago

Front page headline of free London Metro paper.

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Fishy Fingers3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Yep, just checked and signed in fine. Didnt take to long, lucky really or people might have made a fuss ;)

Killzonegamer843932d ago

This cant be! Bungie and Greenringoflife said this is the end of PS3 and Jack Tretton was going to announce the PS3 had been discontinued and must now buy 360s! And Kevin Butler would now start doing 360 commercials and all hell broke lose!

Sorry bungie/greenringoflife, hope you enjoyed your field day.. You fail at life yet again

Nitrowolf23932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

no mine not fixed yet wtf i'm gonna recheck again
EDITED: Still no luck -_- i hope me changing the time didn't affect it

jack_burt0n3932d ago

keep trying it is working

Kain813932d ago

here is it already 02.March 2010, if you are from US you must wait i think

nycredude3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

I'm from the us and it's working. East Coast!

If you are still screwed then do this cause it works!

Guys! listen to me!!!!

There is a work around. I tested it and it works!

Turn off your router
Turn on your ps3
Set the date and time to manual (don't worry about losing your themes)
Set time and date to current
turn off the ps3
Reboot router
Turn on ps3
You may need to change the time again to current
Turn off and on again and tada you are good to go!!!!!

Only takes 5 minutes max!

Happy gamer and give me BUBBLES!

Edit: FYI I have extensive experience with PC and MS's crap Os over the years!!!!!

sikbeta3932d ago

I mean The DAMAGE CONTROL from the "Sites" that were Blowing this Bug out of Proportion and saying "da doomedz"

PS3 it Only Does Everything, From FIXING Itself to SHUT Up Every HATER...

PS3 Community FTW!!!

DaTruth3932d ago

All PS3's work on GMT time, so it doesn't matter where you live!

3932d ago
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MaximusPrime3932d ago

no ps3 is not the only console affected by network bug. xbox 360 suffered during xmas 2008>>

now rumors of psn is back to normal, time to stop these ridiculous articles? i doubt it.

RedDragan3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Well... now that we gave the bots a rare 24 hours of fun. It is time to get back to business.

Sorry bots but we are not going to do this again for you for a long time, so I hope you appreciate the stuff we do for you!

So what were you guys saying?! Oh yes, as bad as RROD eh?!


ScarT3932d ago

Both consoles have had network issues?

I hereby conclude that BOTH CONSOLES ARE TEH DOOMZED!

nycredude3932d ago


It only does everything!

Including fixes itself!

chrisulloa3932d ago

I remember live being a problem, but I don't remember games not working at all. I was able to play all my games for a day, just not on live. Good job Sony, you always thrive to do worse than Microsoft.

A change in the wind3932d ago

How cute, chrisulloa trying to keep his tiny little spirit up. Face it, the problem has now burned out, you can`t keep this flame alive.

L-Teezy3932d ago

"Well... now that we gave the bots a rare 24 hours of fun. It is time to get back to business.

Sorry bots but we are not going to do this again for you for a long time, so I hope you appreciate the stuff we do for you!"

hahahaf'nha! u crack me up dude... bubbles for u