PS3 Cell Processor Being Used In New Image Processing Developer Kit

CodeSourcery is the latest company to partner with IBM to support the Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.) microprocessor by offering Cell support for its Sourcery VSIPL++ signal- and image-processing (SIP) toolkit.

The Cell chip is a high-performance multi core chip developed by IBM for Sony's PlayStation 3 console. It was derived from its Power process but it has been highly tuned for videogame play. There has been considerable interest in the Cell processor beyond the PS3, including a developer conference.

Jules Bergmann, leader of the high performance computing group at CodeSourcery, said the Cell chip really raises the bar in performance, with over 200 GFlops , compared with around 12 GFlops for an Intel (Quote) or PowerPC chip. "So it raises the level of performance almost by an order of magnitude," he told

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snoop_dizzle4183d ago

are they making an even more powerful version of the cell?

marinelife94183d ago

I wonder how much money Sony is making in royalties with IBM peddling their cell tech to every company/government that has a processor intensive application.

JsonHenry4183d ago

Good to know they found a use for it. : )

PSTripleOG4183d ago

Will rule this market one day, All xbots bow down lol.

KingME4183d ago

THE IS THE IBM CELL PROCESSOR, NOT THE PS3 CELL PROCESSOR. Do you here people going around saying "This item is using the Dell XPS M1210 processor? NO! and you know what? Because the processor used in the M1210 is made by intel. You PS3 FANBOYS try to take ownership of everything that is inside of a PS3. What's next, "New Chrysler 3000 using PS3 ram chips in fuel injection onboard computer.", "PS3 Cooling fan technology now being used in automobile air conditioning units." Give us all a break.

Sony makes blu-ray and put a drive in the PS3. Now it's "the PS3 is the best blu-ray player on the market". I guarantee you that there is another player out there with the exact same mechanism in it that is getting NO credit. It's so hard to stay neutral on this site, because all you PS3 fanboys do is brag about the PS3, and deny it's shortfalls. You make me embarrassed to tell people that I own a PS3 because they immediately think I'm a psychotic fanboy like some of you guys. (If, the statement doesn't fit, then I'm not talking about you. But, those that it does fit and you know who you are, PLEASE take a chill pill.)

I know Xbox fanboys do the same thing, but they don't brag about the XBOX nearly as much as the SONY FANBOYS brag about the Cell processor and that damn blu-ray drive. I'll be glad when some games come out to take up more of your time, because you must be bored as hell.

Thugbot1874183d ago

KingME, has it totally right. Cell was a joint venture Sony and IBM. But over all the things that they are talking about really has nothing to do with the PS3. The PS3 has a Cell chip but that’s about as far as it goes, and the architecture of all the hardware together plays a big role in a systems capabilities. You can throw a Ferrari engine in a school bus but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be cable of what a Ferrari can do. Not to mention they are more than likely using more than one CELL process to perform this mean in its current architecture the PS3 would NOT be able to do this.

pwnsause4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Sony developed The Cell along with IBM and Toshiba(really weird to have tosh developing hardware like this)so of course Sony and the PS3 Has a lot to do with it since it was the first system to use the Cell processor, and your wrong about xbox fanboys bragging about the Xbox, since they are the ones here spewing negativity about the PS3 everyday,, and yes because of the PS3, BD is winning, look for other sites about that, the media even says it

Kaneda4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Didn't Sony, IBM, and Toshiba got together and developed Cell? Not just IBM...

Oh someone answered it..:) thx...

KingME4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

You all have a point, it was a joint venture. The main point that I was trying to make was, everytime something comes out with a cell processor in it fanboys are saying PS3 technology was in it. Not sony tech, PS3 tech, just to try and boast the stance of the PS3.

Also, even though it was joint, you know who made and designed the chip. Let me give you a hint...IT WASN'T sony. Joint could mean anything from providing funds to asking someone to build it for you.

Anyway, not trying to get into a big pow wow with everyone, just getting sick of xbox and ps3 fanboys alway and I mean ALWAYS trying to one-up one another. This SH!T is so 6th grade.

Oh, also thanks Thugbot187 for supporting me on that point.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Rumor has it that it's manufactured in space. The power of the cell can't be obtained in a gravitational environment. It's made 80% primarily of anti-matter, which causes a catastophic explosion if it comes in contact with real matter. Thankfully it levitates inside the console like David Blane.

ImWithStupid4183d ago

jealousy is hilarious to watch, you idiots prove xboxlive is the new ROMPER

look that one up if you're too young to remember.

KingME4182d ago

Maybe that's why the PS3 price is also from out of space. (humor)

Also, If you are old enough to know what romper room school is, they you should be mature enough to not make such brain dead statements. But, then again maybe you weren't listening to romper room, too busy looking into the looking glass at the end of the show...haha (no humor)

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BubblesDAVERAGE4183d ago

Once the cell becomes more the time ps4 or watever it may be called it will be a monster..

bluebrad19744183d ago

The Cell was put into the PS3 to be the imaging device for the blu-ray player, nothing more nothing less. It is garbage for game development. If you don't believe me, just ask any developer that has had to spend an extra year of development on their PS3 multi-plat title because of the Cell.

pwnsause4183d ago

If your saying this, then just wait till E3 comes

drtysouf214183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

in all standalone blu-ray players? And last i checked Sony clarifies the PS3 as a Computer Entertainment System not just a video game console. Its a versatile machine with many capabilities.

IPlayGames4183d ago

yea ask EA, 2K, NGS developers. how bad the cell sucks.

its also funny how all of xbox 1st party games can be ported to ps3 without question. but theres question if its even possible to port a ps3 1st party game.

bluebrad19744183d ago

I don't know, but it's quiet possible. I can assure you that Sony's decision to make and use the Cell processor was because of blu-ray not gaming. Anyone that believes the Cell processor is suited for gaming applications is severly misinformed.

bluebrad19744183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

I'm not sure what you mean by last-gen tech. But the Cell WAS originally engineered to be a CPU/GPU hybrid, just like the Emotion Engine. It wasn't until Sony learned that the Cell could barely render simple 3D objects that Sony knew they had to add a GPU. They kept the Cell because it served their primary focus which was being the imaging hardware for their blu-ray player.
And I don't know how you figure the developers you posted actually like the Cell. It is pretty much unanimous among developers that the Cell is not best suited for gaming applications.

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