E3 2007: Too Many Companies, Not Enough Time

Ars Technica reports:

We've known for a while that E3 would be cutting back significantly. The only way to get tickets is to get invited, the attendees from the press will be a much smaller number than previous years, and of course there will be fewer exhibitors this time around. These things were all fine by me; hopefully this new show will get us more time with the games, better access to the developers and publishers, and better stories for the readers. All positive things. That is, until we started trying to plan our coverage.

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MoonDust4131d ago

I thought it was canceled for good.

hulk_bash19874132d ago

Hopefully the 2 month extention from last year gave the devs enough time to show up with some more polished and refined games this time around.

MK_Red4131d ago

Article has a good point. When E3 was much bigger, there wasn't still enough time and lots of smaller games were lost or introduced and preview later but now, time isn't even enough for all the big games and companies.

funkysolo4131d ago

I can't wait, just like Gears of War last E3 everyone wanted to see it and play it. I think everyone in the gaming industry wants to see what Sony has to offer.