Fraction Of Console Owners Using Video Capabilities

How important is DVD/BD video playback to console owners? According to new research by The Diffusion Group, though 80 percent of console owners have the option, only 30 percent realized it was part of its feature set, and only 13 percent actually utilize it - more stats inside.

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fenderputty4129d ago

blu-ray is winning this format war as of now. It's called the PS3. So whatever stats this article would like to claim, one console is playing a major role in deciding who's going to come out on top.

Bloodmask4129d ago

on any of my video game consoles. So I guess I can believe the statistics in this article. It wares out the drive a lot faster.

I think most tech junkies would prefer a standalone unit for their electronics setup.

VirusE4129d ago

Direct distribution is the way of the future not blueray or HD-DVD. Sacd and dvd-a sound 100 times better than a CD yet they sell like crap and everyone is into mp3 which sounds worse than a cd. The format wars are too confusing to your average joe, ps 3 or not. People have to much money invested in dvd collections to go buy all the same movies again at nearly twice the price. UMD, memory stick, mini disk, sacd and betamax have all been failures, consumers are tired of sony creating format wars. It has never worked for them in the past and I don't see it working now.

To your average Joe convenience is king not quality unfortunately.

genix134129d ago

I have to agree with convenience being most important and about having to replace dvd collections(though this isn't exactly neccessary). But I feel like you are too quick on ruling out the fact that people(mostly average joe consumers) have to have a hard copy in their hands to feel like a purchase is worth their money and they're not going to lose it if their system crashes. I really don't see digital distribution arising as a dominant format until around 15 years from now, and by then Blu-ray and HD-DVD will probably be last-gen media storage.

hfaze4129d ago

"People have to much money invested in dvd collections to go buy all the same movies again at nearly twice the price."

Exactly why would you have to re-purchase movies by going with a Blu-Ray player? They play DVD's, ya know... If not, then there's no way the PS3 would be backward compatible with the PS2.

Not to mention with the 1.8 firmware for the PS3, it does a great job of upscaling DVD movies.

I'm still scratching my head over where people got the idea from that Blu-Ray drives can't read DVD's...

VirusE4129d ago

Genix If people have to have a hard copy then why does itunes do so well? Itunes completely nullifies your argument. Blueray and hd-dvd are no different than sacd vs. DVD-a; most people just don’t care due to all the effort it takes to figure out which format will work for you.

unixphreak1911 you are reading between lines that don't exist and making a ton of poor assumptions about what I am trying to say. I never said that a blueray player doesn’t play DVDs. The point I was making was that people who own 400 DVDs don’t want to go out and buy 400 blueray discs at 30 bucks a pop to replace their DVDs that work perfectly. Upscaling DVD players have been out for 4 or so years, why would you go buy a new blueray players just to upscale your old DVDs?? That makes no sense at all. The point of buying a blueray player is to play blueray disc not DVDs.

PS360WII4129d ago

Well I think it's also fair to say that most already have a couple stand alone players along with the consoles.

Satanas4129d ago

Definitely as far as DVD players go. I use my PS3 for BD/DVD in my room, but the rest of the house has at least 3 or 4 DVD players. I think when it comes to BD-ROM playback that people will generally just have a PS3 or a Blu-ray player rather than both, at least at this point in time.

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The story is too old to be commented.