Possible PS3 Fix In Under 3 Hours?

PSInsider Writes: If some of the rumors going around are true, this problem may fix itself soon.


All PS3's are now back to being operational.

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ClownBelt5021d ago

This is pretty weird. Most of my games are playing now, but then again I never tried playing them last night. It just that I can't still log in.

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Delta5021d ago

Sony Flopped hard with this problem. Oh well ME2 here i come.

andron5021d ago

They should enjoy these 15 minutes of PS3 failure until it's fixed.

But they should also contemplate that they are setting themselves up for ridicule at the next crossroad.

Not that their 5 minutes goldfish like memory capacity, or delusions will ever interfere with their trolling abilities. They are "special" that way...

Darkfocus5021d ago

if you havn't tried to connect already before you do set the option for clock syncing off it worked for me on a MGS4 80Gb

ikkeweer5021d ago

Try Heavy Rain. It's raining outside here, it's dark, looking forward to it.

SilentNegotiator5021d ago

Games with trophies are working fine for me.

Darkfocus5021d ago

I meant my ps3 was the MGS edition

rroded5021d ago

pretty much jus us early adopters holdin teh bag

n the clock wont roll over n fix this users in japan are still affected n its already march2 there.

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spunnups5021d ago

I hope so. GoW Collection just arrived and I still have Heavy Rain to finish before......IN THE END....THERE CAN ONLY BE CHAOS!!

Spiderman5021d ago

How about these lame sites just stfu, and let them fix it!

irepbtown5021d ago

Greetings from England

1hr and 48 minutes left here

darthv725021d ago

What is the issue? There are so many blog/posts on the front page talking about some time bug that you can't read all of them. I have to say I have not turned my ps3 on for a couple of days (don't hold that against me) and was tempted to at lunch time to see what the issue was. Alas, I was unable to make it home to do so.

What is going on that is creating such a ruckus? Mine is an 80gb motorstorm edition.

Should i just keep it off till tomorrow?

sikbeta5021d ago

Too Bad For the TROLLZ, well at least they had a little of Fun...

Gamers FTW!!!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Maybe I will play ME2, but for PC, because that is the only platform with good graphics in game.

Cold 20005021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

LMAOO. I cant belive somebody created an account named 8001050F...and someone 5 minutes later creates this account to respond "RROD-dwarfs-8001050F&quo t;

Man N4G is freaking great !

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J@D5021d ago

Well, my fatty suffer the consequences of this "HUGE PROBLEM" my slim its fine.

My temporary fix work fine on my fatty:

1- turn off ur internet connection
2- Set the time manually on ur fatty PS3
3- Turn on ur modem and waiting unti it is finally boot up completely.
4- Test ur internet connection at ur PS3 setting and check the test past completely fine.
5- Sign in into the PS3 and TA-DA

i'm downlaoding Uncharted 2 patches right now and it working fine on my fatty xD

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DaTruth5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

This problem probably won't sort itself out in 3 hours. The hardware clock battery will think it is March 1st when it will really be March 2nd.

The only way I can see this working is if there is a software clock in the firmware that couldn't set to Feb 29th 2010. So when there is a date like March 1st that the firmware clock can read it might function properly, but PSN will still say March 2nd when the PS3 says March 1st and the online 8001050F error will still be live; But at least the Ps3 will still function offline!

nycredude5021d ago

I can't believe how retarded people are. People listen to J@D. His fix works. I had the same idea and it really works. Don't any of you own pcs. There is work around for this. SOme one quick write an articel with the fix before ps3 owners the world over commit suicide!

rroded5021d ago

posting this on the ng4 forum all cred ta you man thx

Sharpshell5021d ago

that fix didn't work for me...

Tricksy5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Disable internet
enable internet
time and date
change via internet

Did fix my time and theme, and someone messaged me saying it helped them as well. :D

Good luck.

J@D5021d ago

@ Sharpshell:

I dont about ur model but three different PS3 (fatty ones) with my fix were available to sign in with my method or the method that i just made up o.O

Consoldtobots5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

looks like the problem is fixed folks, I just turned my 60GB FAT on and it logged in with no problem.



LMAO I had my time set to manual for the current datea and now that I checked it skipped ahead to 2020. Set it back to update via internet and everything is fine now. I think our PS3s have been time travelling. lol

Sharpshell5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

my PS3 is fixed and on the ps3 ( i have an original 60 gig fatty) btw

edit: my ps3 was set to 1998, lol!

dalibor5021d ago

Same thing happened to mine. Our PS3's are from the future haha. Sorry that was a corny joke but the date did in fact change to 2020. Glad people are able to log back on though.

beardpapa5021d ago

can't believe how quickly this got on fox news.