PS3 Slim owners claiming Slims are *not* safe from current problems

The Gaming Vault has been receiving reports by emails since this morning from some owners of PS3 Slim consoles claiming that their PS3s are being affected by the issues plaguing PlayStation 3 console and the PlayStation Network today.

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WetN00dle693205d ago

ahh man...
And there i thought the slims were immune to this problem.
I havent been following up on the whole story so what do i do to avoid this problem?
I havent log on to the PSN network since last thrusday so i should be safe just as long as i dont log in at all right?

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RedDragan3205d ago

Are they sure that this isn't 360 fanboys reporting the slim's as faulty?

chrisnick3205d ago

My Slim is fine. But I looked at my bank statement and saw that they took a dollar out of my account today. Sure it's only a buck, but wth did they take it out for?

Blaze9293205d ago

rofl count days? hahaha, im beginning to like you 8001050F, bringing humor to all this. So which one are you, Bungie? Cold? Probably Bungie..

phosphor1123205d ago

That's absolute bullcrap. All my friends with Slims are fine, hell even my friend with an 80gig MGS Emulated BC one still works. I have a 40.. I have yet to check if mine is ok.

gintoki7773205d ago

well a friend has the problem and he got a slim two weeks ago


It was matter of time, a troll will create an account with ''8001050F'' name.

Aquanox3205d ago

MEGA Ouch!

Heavy Rain release. Sony fails on their weakness: Software.

It's not even a problem of the PSN but the firmware (dashboard) itself.

This has no precedent. 8001050f has just joined RROD in the hall of the most infamous console errors of all time.

StanLee3205d ago

You're crazy if you think you can compare this to RROD. Please stop overstating things.

spektical3205d ago

except that this error, can be fixed, and wont cost anyone a dime.
so this wont go down as what you say "biggest errors in console history"

That belongs to the 360 and the RROD and the marketplace shut down for like a week.

Dark_Vendetta3205d ago

120gb Slim Ps3 - still working

Still kindy funning how a few days can "destroy" so many systems, and I don't mean only Ps3s. Remember what happend just before 2000? The hole panic and the final solution which was thought out for only 10 years? Just a few months ago all the cash machines in Germany went crazy because of the date.
I don't know why because I'm missing the tech know-how, but I think it's amusing to see a calender breaking so much ingenious software

DEA Fresh3205d ago

If only the Japanese could figure out how leap year works. It's once every four years we have a Feb 29. Funny such a small bug can cause such a huge issue. I love how they can make this sound like it's fact when their source is user e-mails.

mabreu3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

My slim still works. And I never got any freezes in Heavy Rain when I played it last night. I must be one lucky dude.

timequaketimequake3205d ago

...going back to play some more heavy rain.

Aquanox3205d ago

This is the biggest console BLACKOUT in the videogame industry. You can't use it either online or offline, all at the same time.

This has no precedent. Sorry. At least RROD was gradual.

nycredude3205d ago

It's probably just Bungie with his 1,765 N4g accounts claiming this.

On a serious not though isn't the media like a bunch of vultures?

zoks3103205d ago

MODs need to lock this thread. Sony clearly states here that the Slime is not affected.

"Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media"

"As you may be aware, some customers have been unable to connect to the PlayStation Network today. This problem affects the models other than the new slim PS3."

sikbeta3205d ago

Slim Owner HERE, No Problems with my Console...

Gamers FTW!!!

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mastiffchild3205d ago

Aquanox-sod off mate. This hasn't even lasted a day and cost no one anything. RROD and E74 has already cost me , personally PLENTY along with times when those faults didn't represent themselves with error messages too!

If this is sorted out sometime tomorrow it will be seen as a blip in service just as the week long Live layoff was and every other time either service has been down for a little while.

Make mountains out of molehills if you wish but your past history and eagerness to revel in other people's unfortunate situation gives you away for what you are-an MS cheerleader more happy to forgive one of the biggest rip offs in gamin history than wait to even see what's going on here. Somehow it's already worse to you that Sony have an issue caused by a clock(easily sorted, according to a lot of people by taking the battery out and putting it back so it won't be the end of the world if Sony have to sort it out manually)than it was MS rushing out consoles to gamers knwowing they weren't fit for real world conditions and only bringing in the warranty when the threat of a mass recall became VERY real.You seriously think this is alrewady at that level? That Sony may be purposely behind something that benefits no one including themselves?

Mate-you might end up being right but atm you don't have any more of a clue when this will be sorted, how serious it is or anything and comparing it to something that cost a lot of people a lot of money just so you can big up a company is bordering on the insulting.I'm not blaming MS, particularly, as it was clever business for them and it was us gamers who should have done more about it but the two things aren't even on the same page yet-not even close.

What I don't get is why my fat is fine as a launch 60 when everyone else with one seems screwed, why? Cos mine's a refurb? I got it off them last May so maybe they reset the battery and the internal clock so it's more like that in the Slim? IDK but the range of fats getting and not getting it show no simple [attern to me. Anyhow , if it's a clock thing it'll get sorted soon enough eithertr by itself or by Sony issuing advice or by recall-we'll see but til we d comparisons to anything else, let alone RROD are way premature. All it is so far is a pain in the arse and little more.

Aquanox3205d ago

Tell that to all Heavy Rain owners who has just lost their trophies and bought the game months in advance just NOT to be able to play it.

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FamilyGuy3205d ago

OMFG Bungie, is this your friggin day job or what? The amount of time you spend on here would indicate that you have NO SYSTEMS to play games on. You're always here.

This dude should be IP banned for making so many false extra accounts.

Boody-Bandit3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

^Ladies, gentleman, kiddies and trolls we have a BINGO!

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borisfett3205d ago

I must be blind, because I don't see how this is a duplicate story. I haven't seen post on here pointing out that consumers are claiming that they Slim PS3s are also being affected. If someone will link me to it, I will gladly retract that statement.

butterfinger3205d ago

Making up "news" that isn't a duplicate is so easy to do, isn't it? If I believed every fanboy on this site that claimed their PS3 got the YLOD or they had 15 XBOX360's, I would've never bought a next-gen console to begin with.

bioshock12213205d ago

Don't worry its not duplicate but everytime you post anything negative about the PS3 expect many many lame, fake, or spam reports from fanboys.

borisfett3205d ago

"Making up "news" that isn't a duplicate is so easy to do, isn't it?"

Reporting what is reported to me by the very owners of the machine is not "making up news", as has already been pointed out.

"If I believed every fanboy on this site that claimed their PS3 got the YLOD or they had 15 XBOX360's, I would've never bought a next-gen console to begin with."

I own both consoles and enjoy them both. I am simply reporting the news for the sake of gamers.

butterfinger3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Please send me proof that this article is in fact legitimate and not fake. The author can't provide any proof or facts whatsoever, so I'm assuming you can't either. A picture of your Slim PS3 with the error code would do just fine.

@Bioshock, my proof is Sony coming out and stating that the problem is only affecting Fat Ps3's. Perhaps you didn't read any of the actual FACTS about this problem at all. BTW, I could care less about this error as my Slim PS3 has been working fine all day long. I'm just tired of BS "news" getting approved on this site, especially after we've had about a dozen articles about it already. This rumor about the slims isn't all over the internet like the author wants you to believe either. It is quite apparent that you have absolutely nothing intelligent to say on the matter, either. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you and the author/contributor were in fact the same person. lol.

@Bioshock, again, you fail to have proper reading comprehension skills. Sony concludes by stating: "As mentioned above, please be advised that the new slim PS3 is not affected with this error." That in now way says "it appears" or "possibly" or any other qualifier. You clearly lack the proper reading skills to understand the statement in the link that you, yourself, provided. That is quite a pity.

bioshock12213205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

@butterfinger Why dont you provide me proof of it only affecting fat Ps3 models and not PS3 slim models oh that's right you can't no one can. Not even sony has denied it they are just as confused as everyone else.

Plus why are you getting so defensive Sony said they will fix it in 24 hours stop getting so worked up about it.

EDIT @butterfinger Sony has not said it only affects fat ps3 models. They have only said "Those of you with “slim” PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected". See they are not sure themselves they have not once said it only affects fat ps3 models. But like I said Sony said they will fix it in 24 hours and yours is not affected so I don't see the problem. Like I said Sony can't provide proof of it only affecting fat ps3 model and not slim ones so how can you?

RedDragan3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Bioshock, Sony are not confused.

The calendar chip in the fat PS3's are calculating time in binary, this is then converted to hexadecimal, from here it is compared to the BIOS date entries. The Bios does not have the Hex number in it's because that is programmed correctly, there shouldn't be such a figure in there but the figure exists in the Calendar chip nonetheless... because some idiot didn't take Leap Years into account when programming the calendar chip.

Calendar chips in the Slim PS3 do not have this errornous value, so the Hex number reporting to Bios is todays date and hence Slims not having the issue.

Now, anychance some 360 fanboys commenting that their imaginary Slim's being affected because they heard Slim's were not affected?!

No surely not! Not going by the Open Zone on N$G, fanboys NEVER pretend to have the system they always try to bring down, such thinking would be so stupid! /sarcasm

What is there to be confused about?!

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Pennywise3205d ago

^^Report this idiot as spam. He keeps saying the same thing over and over.

The real killer3205d ago

Done, he is freaking annoying.

Shadow Man3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

PS38001050FTW!!! This is bigger than RROD !!!

We got ammo Bots!!!! And we are gonna use it.

Karma is b!t(h DROIDS.

butterfinger3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

shows absolutely no evidence of a PS3 Slim being affected and it includes a flat-out lie.

The article states: "Sony themselves are in fact recommending that PS3 owners do not go online with the console today, regardless of which model they own."

SONY ACTUALLY says on the blog: "In the meantime, if you have a model other than the new slim PS3, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data."

Report this as fake until proven otherwise. Any moron can claim to have emails from someone else CLAIMING that their PS3 slim isn't working. This is not news at all.

EDIT: Funny how you can't show any proof whatsoever of any consumer reports of this problem, and not only that but you report this as "news" when the alleged consumers have no proof either? I suppose this is why no one has ever really heard of you. Apparently, you aim to keep things that way. Also, tell me again why we are supposed to trust what YOU say that Sony has said instead of what SONY ACTUALLY STATES TO US ON THEIR OFFICIAL BLOG. Only a moron would believe you at this point.

borisfett3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Get your facts right: Sony has suggested on their DevNet not to connect *any* consumer units to PSN. Dev-Net is a member only resource for the media, so I'm simply going on their word. This is the closet to an official word as you'll get, from a very legit site:

I have better things to do as a journalist than make stuff up for the sake of hits. I'm simply reporting the news I have been informed of, and I know of at least one PS3 Slim owner myself suffering from this problem.

Reports from consumers is legit news. There is nothing "fake" about it. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it illegitimate news.

bioshock12213205d ago

How else do you think this whole problem started to begin with by websites like this getting reports from its users that they are having problems with their PS3 so I don't see how this is any different.

borisfett3205d ago

In regards to your edit, I have already pointed out that Sony has pointed out on their DevNet that all consumer machines should stay off-line. This was confirmed by a very trusted website, VG247, which I linked you to. Are you telling me that Patrick Garratt isn't a trusted journalist either?

Saying you don't believe me despite the link that I just provided to Sony saying just that makes little logical sense.

I am simply reporting what is being reported to me, as a professional journalist. All I am detecting from you is elitist snobbery, to be honest.

borisfett3205d ago

At a user's suggestions, the story has been reclassified as a rumour. Do you agree that this is a more fair way to present the story, due to the lack of information from first party sources?

butterfinger3205d ago

you just simply have no news to report. If you have no actual evidence, it's time to pull the story. How many users emailed you? How many of those users provided their PSN id? Are the people that are reporting this to you victims of the same exact error or just random other errors that all PS3's are subject to on a daily basis? This article has just added nothing new to the discussion. This will undoubtedly be approved by fanboys just like the other dozen articles, but this type of "reporting" will get you absolutely no where.

nycredude3205d ago


“As mentioned above, please be advised that the new slim PS3 is not affected with this error.”

This is from the link to the "legitimate" webite you provided. Kind of goes against what you claim to be true.

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