StarCraft II Beta Quantity Before Quality

The StarCraft II beta matchmaking settings have been turned away from skill level matching to quick matching, StarCraft: IncGamers reports.

Blizzard announced to fans that "the Find Match functionality is currently configured to find games more quickly, rather than find evenly matched games." The idea is likely to get more games going to let the developer get a better statistical overview of unit balance.

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Dorjan4291d ago

surely balanced skill will give you a better understanding of this otherwise you'll just get noobs who die to zealot rushes and say OMG OP!

Bandreus4291d ago

This will happen a lot anyway. Rushing is so popular a tactic

Cogo4291d ago

Yeah, and best counter to a rush is rush yourself, so...

Leord4291d ago

As for rushes: It's really mainly just getting to know how to deal with it. Because it's a vital part of the game. If it's not a rush properly, it;s an "harass" anyway...

Bandreus4291d ago

I saw this coming right from the beta started ^_^

Blizzard really knows how to perfectly fine-tune his games before release.

Maticus4291d ago

I can hear the QQs already...

Leord4291d ago

Well, I can;t say it was fun to lose like half a dozen times in a row because of "gosu" players...

Cogo4291d ago

Well, I wonder if this will affect player happiness levels significantly? I mean losing 6 times in a row because of a mismatch can break anybody.

Leord4291d ago

I'm not too worried. It's likely just a temporary thing.

SCFreelancer4291d ago

I think it will always be like that: subject to tweakage :)

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The story is too old to be commented.