Next-Gen Sims Engine to Power White Council NPCs

The White Council will be like Oblivion with a Tolkien twist, according to the game's executive producer.Steve Gray says that like Oblivion, The White Council combines an open world with an overarching storyline packed with a lot of side quests. The game is going to include four good races: human, hobbit, elves and dwarves. The professions, which include a melee fighter, a wizard and a hunter, won't be race specific. One of the things that will make the game stand out from other RPGs, says Gray, is how the NPC are crafted and controlled. He says the non-player characters were built using the next-generation of Sim games. What that means is that NPCs' feelings will be affected by your behavior and their knowledge of your past actions...

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MasterOne5406d ago

They can only hope this game will be half as good as Oblivion.