Analysts Predict Win For PS3

Slow start, eventual win predicted by Japanese analysts.In the aftermath of E3, we all became part time analysts in an attempt to determine who would emerge victorious in the next generation race. But how do the real analysts feel on the matter? The latest issue of Famitsu has some revealing comments from three Japanese analysts: Daiwa Securities' Eiji Maeda, Nomura Securities' Yuta Sakurai, and Deutsche Securities' Takashi Oya. In the end, all three analysts predicted the PS3 to come out on top in the next generation race. However, they expect its lead to shrink. "The PlayStation 3 brand power is, of course, very strong," said Maeda. "However, the winds are have changed a bit. I don't believe there will be a commanding victory on the level of the PS2."

zinnia6523d ago

At least the Japanese are wising up about the future of the industry, ps3s comeback wont be as big as they say it will thats just Nationalism.

COVER GIRL6523d ago

You seen that too, that's why i posted the story.

REDMOND BOYZZ6523d ago (Edited 6523d ago )

You little snot, its true though, dont make me spank you again.

OutLaw6523d ago

I had no doubt that Japan will feel that way about the PS3. But that does nothing for me. I live in America. Over there Sony is God. Here they are just another big time company. That doesn't translate into success for me. I still want to wait and see what they can do for us.

zinnia6523d ago

Japanese analysts prediction translates to we might! loose!. My dad works in Japan from time to time. they deal with defeat different than us, not saying that ps3 will loose but dont they admitt anything that makes them look bad.

schnodder6523d ago

... we are the winners at all!

Lionel Hutz6523d ago

Short, sweet, and to the point is what your comment was. I'm for Sony, but perhaps a smaller Sony lead is what gamers need. Perhaps the competition will give them more motivation to provide not only better pricing but better games, hardware, and online play. Man, it's such a great time to be a gamer...

calderra6522d ago

I don't think this is true at all. I think Sony is shooting themselves in both feet, both with hardware and with their words. Every retailer I've talked to about the price has said Sony priced itself out of the race (reflected by poll after poll around the world always showing over 80% of people think PS3 is too expensive generally that it's bad enough to have incluenced their purchasing decision).

And look at what spews forth from Sony. Rumble isn't in because it's "last-gen" (lawsuit with Immersion). BluRay is necessary for next-gen games (Oblivion on 360 still has room to spare). PS3 will definately launch in Spring, the system is still definately completely ready for a Spring 2006 launch, and "I can launch PS3 whenever I want" (Kutaragi less than a month before the new release fell into place). Gamers WOULD be winning if this were a fair competition in which the best system was going to be declared the winner, I agree. But Sony, at least, doesn't seem to be contributing to this.

Cyclonus6523d ago


Of course PS3'll do better in Japan. But in the West, many analysts predict a 360 win, and given Sony's E3 performance and business practices of late, I'm more inclined to listen to them.

achira6523d ago

i think you are seriously sick. there are many sony fans but they are not so sick sitting all day in front of the pc and trying to bash sony. are all american kiddies so brainless ??? i hope not. by the way ms sucks

pRo loGic II6523d ago

You do the same thing Bashing MS all what makes you worse is the fact that you get offended about it. You seem like one of those Japanamtion Anime freaks. STFU and go play all those weird games of little girls in them. lol

Aflac6523d ago

dont be forgetting the real way past wars got started among fans was because wen original xbox came out, sony fans came right over to xbox sites to mock them out just for giving it a try, and were downright cruel to those who said they liked the xbox. naturally, xbox fans retaliated, and so the war goes on endlessly....