US PSN Store has Been Updated - New Demo, New Psn Game Added

The NA playstation 3 network (PSN) have been updated.A New Game Demo has been added along with the newest released GTAIV trailer and movie trailers.

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Arkham4130d ago

Super Stardust HD! Great.

Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM Demo! Uh... Hmmm.

GTA IV Trailer 2: Though I already have it on my PC, gotta grab it to complete the set. ;)

Fisher3394130d ago

I thought the demo was for Lair. :(

Ebay3rd4130d ago

Thats what I am talking about, Thank you Sony. We like new stuff...

pwnsause4130d ago

Gundam Mosou demo, awesome, lets see if its not another dud like that crap gundam game from last year

TheExecutive4130d ago

I wish thre was a Lair demo this week... maybe next. It will be coming soon though.

Premonition4130d ago

My guess is sony is saving all that goodie for during or a little after E3 :)

Kleptic4130d ago

yeah you are probably right...but why do that? PS3 owners should be the first to get to try this stuff...Not the damn media that is fueling how crappy Sony is lately...Its not like Lair is far from complete, and that it would be unwise to show the public such an early build...its still scheduled for a early August release I though...

Save E3 for Killzone and this fall's lineup...I know for me at least, a demo for Lair would get me a lot more hyped for the game than watching yet another douchemediabag playing it...not to mention the ass behind him that won't be able to hold the camera still...

Siesser4130d ago

Cool, off to download Superstardust right now

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The story is too old to be commented.