Europe pays more than double for Resident Evil 4 Wii edition

As usual, Europeans arrive late to the party. It has been released for $30 in America, which seemed like a fair price. Lets do some simple math here :

30 U.S. dollars = 22.2882615 Euros

45 Euros = 60.57 U.S. dollars

That's more than double the U.S. price!

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kingofps34133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Move to North America. There, that solves it. (Being silly here, obviously)

tonsoffun4133d ago

Hell, Europe always get screwed on the price.

It is an unfortunate fact of life over here.

ITR4133d ago

What's up with the higher price for games and consoles in Europe??

mbmonk4133d ago

Possibly because it's the wealthiest continent in the world. Or they have some insane taxes. I still think they are getting f-ed though.

DarkJedi4132d ago

Now that's not entirely true. The US Defence budget (estimated at almost $440 billion in 2007) is more than the entire budget for the UK over 2005-2006 (approximately $210 billion over the two years).

We do however have the highest taxes (17.5% on sales), a ridiculously high import tax, and we get screwed every year by the Bank Of England on base rate of interest which forces inflation even higher year on year.

Economics lesson over. End result: GB get's screwed on hardware and software prices every single time, and it won't change ever.

mbmonk4126d ago

Well I said continent not country. So I don't need a economics lesson. Comparing defense budgets still doesn't prove your point.

ChickeyCantor4132d ago

Almost every game has to be translated intoo german/spanish/french or what not!
taxes aint low too.
and its not only this game, some of you complain about the price of consoles...well in EU we pay way more then you americans, but i guess the income are way different?

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The story is too old to be commented.