GTA IV trailer analysis

A full write-up of the GTA IV trailer including scene-by-scene analysis

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Kokoro4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

This is a good analysis. But damn, they need to spell check their article. "thingin" and "teh". But they have good points on the details. The blinds and the brige all these things are spectacular. Very nice job R*. But to people who say "meh". What were they expecting: The Incredibles?!? It made me wish for the days when Tomb Raider 1 was considered realistic.

thatguy_04129d ago

Sorry, correcting that now. I've been writing this analysis and cropping screenshots since the trailer first came out.

thatguy_04129d ago

• All footage is captured in real-time on a next generation gaming console

• Running on Rockstar’s proprietary next generation game engine, R.A.G.E., allowing for an unprecedented level of realism and interactivity

• Game is using euphoria, a fully procedural animation package created by NaturalMotion

• Song is by New York City based band The Boggs and is titled "Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)"

Kokoro4129d ago

that picture where someone was being mugged or beaten. Think about it: You can save people in the game! Wonder if you can be nice or evil.

BrotherNick4129d ago

Shows that they did put detail...people in the other post were complaining about how it looks, but the physics and little details immerses you into the game.

thatguy_04129d ago

The physics and character animation are the coolest additions for me.

The cracking glass, the smoking tires and the way the car moves when the bullets hit it all show how far the series has come on the physics side.

The character animation looks amazing. You can actually see the character's teeth moving separately from his lip. The way Niko's eyes move side-to-side makes in look more human than the types of models you might see in EQ2 for example.


It just helps you to realize how far VG's have come, how much we take for granted, the draw distance alone and the level of detail is staggering, There is code and programming for everything that we see, and some peeps have the nerve to just say meh.

It's kinda like that in real life, there is so much detail and things that we see on a day to day basis, and its just whatever. Take time to smell the roses people !!

That's the quote for the day :)

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