New GTA IV Trailer in High Definition reports:

"Rockstar just uploaded its new GTA 4 trailer showing new gameplay possibilities (well, we hope so), and most importantly an excellent background and art directing. We can't wait to see more..."

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closedxxx4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

There's plenty of cutscene footage (the entire clip) and since we know they use game engine for cutscenes, we can gather that this is an accurate representation of what the final game will look like.
Don't hate me for saying this, but it doesn't impress me graphically.
The character models are bland. No detail to hair, no cloth physics on clothing. The entire thing seems like a hi-res last gen game graphically.
Sure, there's some glare, and glossy effects on a few surfaces, but the textures are generally flat, and as one example, look at the scene with the blonde woman yelling... She looks embarrassingly bad.

I'll buy the game because I know it will be a blast to play, but I really expected much more graphically. This isn't even close to being in the same league as games like Gears of War, Resistance: FOM, GRAW2, DIRT, or plenty of other AAA next gen titles.

So yes, it looks like a great story is being told, and it will surely be innovative in certain areas, but I feel let down by the visuals.

JUSTaGAME4133d ago

True, it does not look "amazing". Certainly not comparable to some of the AAA titles we've been playing, but it looks exciting!
I hope they manage to keep the story solid, so I don't lose interest 5-10 hours into the game.
That is my only complaint with the last two games.
They were almost too long. They were definitely too repetetive. Some of the "busy work" missions really took the fun out of things for me.
I hope they can keep a tight story that moves you through the game without out feeling like you're killing time.

The Snake4133d ago

GTA's graphics were never that great on older consoles, most likely due to the sheer amount of stuff in the gameworld. Why should it be any different this generation?

Systematrix4133d ago

It's going to be a lot of fun to play, but will just be a rental for me. I was hoping for better graphics but it still doesn't come close to Gears. They should do the next GTA with the Unreal Engine :P

The KEN KUTARAGI4133d ago

After seeing a game the size Oblivion pulled of GORGEOUSLY on both the Xbox360 and the PS3, there is really no excuse for such lack-luster graphics in a game this high profile.

You cannot blame the poor looks on anyone but the developers of the game.
Nobody was limited by the Xbox360 or the PS3 on other multiplatform titles. And plenty of them look much better than what I've seen so far of GTA IV.
What's that sound I hear? Oh, it's just the GTA fanboys firing up their torches.

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Premonition4133d ago

The guys who have actually seen the game in action say the game looks much better than the first trailer, and rockstar says they have 3 trailers in total i believe, and I think that all 3 are using the old build, but who knows. Maybe we might see something different at E3 maybe not.

TnS4133d ago

HD version was available on Rockstar's site at launch.

Aquanox4133d ago

That's not the HD version. It's a downsized flash video.

Laka4133d ago

The new GTA on Xbox live looks like rubbish to me. Even Crackdown looks better than that.

GMR_PR4133d ago

GTA series has never been known for it's graphics, but for it's gameplay.

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