Mass Effect: Back on upcoming game list, and now rated M

Mass Effect was temporarily removed from's upcoming game list and is now back on with a rating of M


It is believed to be rated M due to partial nudity

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Sangheili854183d ago

Sexual Themes and Nudity i'm interested... ALIEN STRIPPERS!!

tplarkin74183d ago

Rated M with nudity, cool.

ben hates you4183d ago

boobs sell games, movies, drinks, pens, pencils, paper, and anything else you could think of

Schmitty074183d ago

That probably means its just about ready to ship

id dot entity4180d ago

Don't think so. It is now expected to ship on 08. Or has that changed once again?

Odion4183d ago

WOOT, good news all around take that Bill gates and the rest of the Sony fanboys who were harrassing us yesterday for loosing this in 07!

nobizlikesnowbiz4183d ago

Def good news. M$ might just be waiting for E3 to hype this game up then release it bc if it's been rated it's def close to being shipped.

BIadestarX4183d ago

Rated M.... why? I'm an adult... but base on what the rating system being doing... I doubt minors will have anything to play.

The Real Joker4183d ago

I have always thought that the PS3 and 360 are ADULT consoles (or at least should be). Leave the Wii for kids (don't flame..I have one actually and my wife loves it.) I want games with more of an adult theme because I am an adult. If kids miss out on a particular game because thier parents are overprotective christian idiots, then that is unfortunate for them.

Morbius4204183d ago

That game makers don't have to do what Rod Serling called 'self-censorship' and release a kid tested, mother approved T rated product. Besides the kiddos can get Overlord.

True Gamer King4183d ago

I agree with you up to the affensive part about christians this forum isn't about religion so don't bring religion in to it. If you don't believe in god then ok but don't call christian's idiots or any other religion for tha matter that's not what this is for. Also I'm christian and my parents allow me to play M games and watch rated R movies. So don't narrow down a group, it's just the type of parents that kids have and what they think some may be christians andothers may not have a religion a all, and if the parents don't let them then that's ok that's what they believe and they think is best for there kids. So keep things like that out of here.

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The story is too old to be commented.