Top Ten Gaming Deaths

TotalGamerZone lists their top ten ways to die in games.

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TriggerHippie4183d ago

It made me lol when I read the one about getting killed by a chicken bc that happend 2 me a few times.

cooke154183d ago

Yeah its a pretty crappy way to die :)

MK_Red4183d ago

Kool atricle. It has MK so I cant complain. And nice use of Scorpion in pic.

Ebay3rd4183d ago

I found that watching my hair grow was alot more interesting than that article IMO....But then again it is only that...

STICKzophrenic4183d ago

Pft. Getting chainsawed, or doing the chainsawing, in GoW is so much better than all of those.

Second to chainsawing would be curbstomping. Add a little spin for some style points. 360 curby FTW.

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The story is too old to be commented.