Grand Theft Auto IV: Looking for that Special Someone trailer

As promised Rockstar has released the new Looking for that Special Someone trailer trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV.

See download mirrors below.

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kingofps34128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Watchin it right now!
Live Updates:

Bad english accent Niko (No racial offence, I hope).
Graphics seem dumb down from the first trailer (Is it just me?)
Who is Niko looking for (Finding a man is the main plot?)?
Working gas station is a welcome.
Extremely good facial animation.
Fuk I hope we don't have to follow road rules.
Blank lisence plates?
Is anyone flying that helicoper (there is no one inside).
Looks like the 80's (cars especially)

Fuk man, like the first trailer and now the second trailer, I am not impressed. I feel like NIko's got issues and we need to solve it for him. I don't wanna do that. Probably, I will just stick to causing havoc on the streets of NYC. lol

Coffin874128d ago

i think you can climb and interact with every vehicle.. holding tight on a driving truck, hanging on a helicopter in the air ...

i think this will be the game of the year.

closedxxx4128d ago

Once again, the GTA series looks like it will showcase sub-par graphics when compared to games released in the same time frame.
It looks like it will be a great game, and has decent environments and draw distance etc.
But, the characters, vehicles, and surrounding items seemd to be lacking any realistic detail, or modern texturing.
I know the video is not great quality, but regardless of HD video or not, you can tell when a game is going to feature mind blowing visuals, and this game will not.

Crazyglues4128d ago

I did like what I saw. the game still looks amazing and I will definitely be adding this to my gaming list, it's a must have.

Looks like same old GTA fun, just on the new systems.

I think it's because of Xbox 360 the graphics where toned down.

Torch4128d ago

Personally, I think it's much more intriguing than the first trailer.

Graphics still come across as top-notch to me.

Note that I'm not a GTA fan (God knows I tried), but this looks more uh, purposeful.

(The background porn-guitar riff was also much appreciated. Rather relaxing and therapeutic.)

Crazyglues4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

wow... it looked amazing... that trailer before was no where near how it looks at, that game is looking amazing.. OMG!!!

I can't wait.. PS3 or Xbox 360? I just don't know

but wow.. it looks amazing... simply amazing.....!!!

The trailer above was a little fuzzy and choppy, but the one is like running at 1080p and the game is crystal clear, it looks amazing.

I just can't wait now!!! I'm too excited.

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DrWan4128d ago

the main character looks fat and clumsy for some reason, he's just not as cool as the other ones in the past..hmm maybe it's just personal taste. and that chick he was talking to looks more like his mom than that 'special someone'....what is going on..they need better main charactres to get me into the actions...

i like the accent though, keep that, very good..give u sense of immigrant and unsecured future..good atmosphere..just dont like the way those two look.

MetalProxy4128d ago

I like the new Europian look'n dude. But Iam suprized you cant edit your guy to look like who ever.

Omegasyde4128d ago

The guy seems like he has some attitude but also seems whiny like CJ.
They should of brought back Tommy Versati from GTA:vice city. Him alone would sell the game, even if they don't have Ray Liotta's voice.

We all could be wrong however and this guy could be a bad ass anti-hero. From the scenes, you can obviously tell he is pretty pissed off most of the time.

LSDARBY4128d ago

Awsome trailer imo, i want to download it to my PS3 in HD