TimeShift Xbox 360 and PC Preview

A preview of the upcoming Xbox 360 and PC FPS TimeShift. It's come on quite nicely since its less than impressive PC demo.

"Character models - especially during in-engine cutscenes - look great, and there's plenty of next-gen tech going on, including normal mapping and parallax mapping, as seen in Perfect Dark Zero. The audio has been completely re-recorded since the demo hit the internet, and Hollywood actors will voice the main characters. What's more, Saber Interactive are targeting 60 fps for the Xbox 360 version, which would be nice to see on a platform starved of silky smooth games."

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no_more_heroes5409d ago (Edited 5409d ago )

that this game will turn out like Halo 1. The game before release looked crappy and was buggy at its E3 showing, but when it came out, it took the game industry by storm. Same feeling for Too Human. I HOPE TO GOD THAT I'M RIGHT ABOUT THESE!! Don't disappoint me!!! I HATE being disappointed!!

killasssj4085409d ago

this game sucks i got it on an oxm demo and the graphix are like a cheap xbox 1 game and the gameplay is generic and boring the aiming is horrible and should never be compared to halo one and i hope they pull it off the xbox 360 cause it makes microsoft look bad!!!!!!1

Lucidmantra5408d ago

it doesnt give xbox a bad name. People who are intelligent will know this is not a MSGS game and it has switched companies from Atari and gotten alot of TLC it might need to become a decent game. But I do agree the demo on OXM magazine was a wreck.