Resistance Falls Onto Sony's PlayStation Network

Unphased by its recent fallout with the Church of England, Sony has announced that it's releasing the first new multiplayer maps for the Resistance: Fall of Man. To sweeten the deal, the global servers for the controversial shooter will go live on Friday.

The map pack will include two new multiplayer territories. Sony's spiel on the maps reads as follows: "Launch silent sniper attacks across the snowy slopes of Westmorland, taking cover in the shadow of Chimeran architecture, or go below ground with all guns blazing to save autumnal Camborn from the plague of inhuman invaders." That's Chimeran architecture, not Anglican.

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THE_JUDGE4183d ago

look out for ya boy. I can't wait to see what it looks like and I hope that they have some other stuff up their sleeve that they haven't mentioned for the update. I remember at one time one of the dev's talking about adding to the first player, that would be nice!

Frulond4183d ago

I'm just got this game last week cause I wasn't sure if it was going to be right for me. I'm not a big FPS fan because bad framerates dizzy me so bad I almost puke <.<;; I swear. I finished the demo and was kind of dizzy but decided to buy it to play with a friend online. The framerate its WAY better than the demo to the point I don't get dizzy. I played the online part for a few and was fun as hell so I'm going to finish the online part and get some training before going online again and become most killed LOL.

Its great to hear new maps are coming for it.
Kudos for Incognito

Bill Gates4183d ago

I'm with you bro. FPS aren't my cup of tea either. I rented this game and beat it in co-op with my brother. Hella fun game.

skinzfan4183d ago

I am the same exact way. I can't play campaign mode but I straight online. Look me up youll.



psychotic_duck4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

But, uh, there isn't a mention of a US update. Just UK.

To the guy below me. Yeah global servers for the UK. No mention of a US update.

Ebay3rd4183d ago

There is a mention of global servers....Thinkn that all of us...

MetalProxy4183d ago

Why would just the Uk get the Global Servers and not the US and Japan? Everyone will get it at the same time.

PSNid= Trieloth

whateva4183d ago

global servers! global servers! global servers! think about it how can it not be for the US too. you people are crazy!

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The story is too old to be commented.