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DiffusionE4063d ago

The pic on the right looks more like a 'Booty Call' than 'Call of Duty'. :D

tdogchristy904063d ago

well I think MoH has two things going for it.

One is that CoD is currently in a glitch mess from what I've heard.

Secondly MoH is based off real events and in that respect is based on the classic ww2 shooters, based off real battles/events.

The second is why I'm so excited, a war game that is based in reality that isn't ww2 but instead modern war I find very appealing.

na-no-nai4063d ago

well i prefer ghost recon but im definitely getting cod cuz of treyard

Maciariello4062d ago

I would love to see Medal of Honor make a nice comeback after all these years. I haven't played a MoH game since Underground on original PlayStation.