Zelda director: Wii won't alienate core gamers

In an interview with Nintendo Power this month, famed Zelda director Eiji Aonuma had this to say when asked how Nintendo can expand the gaming market without alienating its core base. Follow the link for the full interview.

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Odion4183d ago

lol their so going to alienate their core base, with the utter crap their bringing out

ItsDubC4183d ago

Keep trolling it up Odion, it's a great use of your time.

PS360WII4183d ago

Yea Odion we know you can talk nice about 360, so why not be positive about all things gaming?

Bill Gates4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Sony game me a reason to buy a PS3 with Firmware 1.80, and now I'm just waiting patiently for Nintendo to do the same with something, anything that appeals to me. Nothing yet.

I want one, but nothing appeals to me yet.

@bladeturd...Bro, you are all over my NUTS...hahaha
Just because I didn't own the system, doesn't mean I didn't prefer it over the competition based on features you BABOON. And yes, I have a PSP so after the PS3/PSP connectivity, I "jumped in" and got the PS3. I didn't however run out and "jump in" front of an out of control locomotive like you have done with your crap purchase of a 360. I just took a crap, now come wipe my ass with your Tongue, YOU BABOON. You're a pathetic human. You IGNORE me in you profile, but yet you still feel the NEED to read my comments, huh?....YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE, and a FAKE. YOU LOSER!!

@bladeturd...How many "stupid pills" did you take today? Everyone here knows all you do is misinterpret everything you read. Your head COULD NOT get any further up M$'s ASS.

BIadestarX4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

LOL... you just got a reason? With the hate and flame against the XBox 360 and all the Sony leg humping you've doing since you join this blog... I would say say... BULL! Firmware game you reason my @$$. And if so, are you saying that all those months of pro-ps3 were just a waste of bandwidth for

EDIT -> Bill you are a very disturbing child. As you already know, I will not go on a competition on exchanging insult in order to not offend others in this site. And no... I didnt ignored you're profile... I wouldn't do that... you make me laugh. as matter of fact I only have 1 person on my ignore list and it's not you.
Unlike many people I don't ignore people that disagree with other's opinion. I read everyone's comments.. specially the fanboys'... it's entertaining... for example yours... you come here to kiss Sony rear for so many months... and flame the xbox 360.. and guess what.. you didnt own any of them... LOL. I find that interesting.

unsunghero284183d ago

I'm with bladestar on this one. Your original post suggested that you're just some average Joe who decided to buy a PS3 because it appealed to you, not because you're a fanboy who couldn't tell the difference between pictures of Kaz Hirai and Jesus Christ.

Don't give us that crap.

Leon Kennedy4183d ago

With all the big developers getting on the Wii bandwagon, who knows how many good hardcore games we might get. Just bide your time - this year you're gonna get Brawl, Corruption, Galaxy, and maybe Disaster: Day of Crisis. Oh by the way, if you haven't picked up RE4 Wii Edition yet, don't walk, RUN to the gaming store and buy it now!

Killfooler4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

I've got a Wii and the only two titles I've felt inclined to purchase were WarioWare and WiiSports. I've avoided the multiplats for the very thing I bought the Wii for... the control scheme. When it comes down to it, it feels as though the control scheme works for a certain niche of games, but for casual gaming across the board it sometimes requires more work than its worth to get over the learning curve and adopt the new controller. This is not meant to be an insult, but at parties the Wii is great... everyone's having fun... but winning doesn't really matter. I've had a hard time seeing myself getting really competitive with any Wii game. : /

It may very well be JUST me... but given the choice of playing sports and FPSs on a console, I'll always opt for a standard controller for more overall control. I must say I haven't tried RE4 yet, but I'm not sure I would want to again simply to try out a new control scheme.

unsunghero284183d ago

LOL... you bought Wii Sports?

But don't worry, just like the DS, the software will come the second generation and then all of a sudden walking into GameStop will be like walking into a Nintendo Candy Shop. When Metroid Prime 3 hits, the naysayers will find themselves unable to speak.

Odion4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Because the Wii hasn't done anything, it doesn't deserve praise crap like Mario part 8 and learn English 2 don't deserve to be the best sellers for the month.

Also why would anyone make hardcore games for the Wii when they could just make cheap mini game bundles and make triple the profits.

ItsDubC4183d ago

"Because the Wii hasn't done anything, it doesn't deserve praise crap like Mario part 8 and learn English 2 don't deserve to be the best sellers for the month."

You're entitled to your opinion, but the fact that these games are bestsellers should at least be an indication to you that not everyone views gaming the way you do and that your incessant trolling may be the only way you know how to deal w/ this reality that bothers you so much. I fully expect you to deny that of course.

"Also why would anyone make hardcore games for the Wii when they could just make cheap mini game bundles and make triple the profits."

The reason this baffles you is because you refuse to believe that there are actually hardcore gamers that own Wiis that would buy these hardcore games. Zelda didn't sell well because casual gamers bought it.

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