36% of U.S. to have HDTV next year: report

According to CEA, 36.5 million high definition TVs are already in US homes, accounting for about 30% of nationwide households. The trade group expects that number to rise to 52.5 million, or 36%, by 2008.

CEA has reported in previous surveys that the majority of HDTV owners are pleased with their set, but many of them are still confused about the differences between actual HD content and content that's upconverted from a standard definition source.

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ITR4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Maybe by the end of 2008.

I just don't see people going ape over HDTV yet.

I think they will start moving in 08 though.

Your right I work for HHGregg and SDTV still sell like hot cakes.
Most stores like Wal-Mart and Target only sell 720p or 720p/1080i HD TV's

Firewire: You can still buy SDTV's here. 720p is the norm here(for most retail chains). You don't see 1080p here unless you go to Best Buy or HHGregg or Circuit City.
Target and Wal-Mart usually have 5-10 SDTV's out on display.

Firewire4156d ago

ITR are you in the States? Can you still buy non-HD T.V.'s?
Here in Canada, pretty well every T.V. that you could buy in the last 1-2 years is HD. Most of the newer ones are full 1080p. I personally have 2
HD T.V.'s.

ItsDubC4156d ago

Firewire, not everyone feels the need to spend money on a new TV every 2 yrs.

cuco334156d ago

36% is a good estimate, being that what... 60-70% of the US citizens can actually afford a new tv let alone HDTV? i believe if u go to walmart, kmart, etc u can still get sdtvs as well as the cheaper hdtv sets and if not, go to the poorer homes and towns who buy used tvs for dirt cheap when theirs goes out

not all of us live in the high life world we like to believe

JsonHenry4156d ago

The problem here in America, is that only a few stores that sell HDTVs actually have an HD source hooked up to them on display.

If I had to buy a TV from Wal-Mart for example, I would NEVER spend the money on an HDTV because they have an old analogue signal running to the big screens and it actually looks WORSE on an HDTV than a standard Def TV.

Now, if they had a side by side comparison showing the same thing running in HD and standard def then the choice would be obvious.

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PSTripleOG4156d ago

Its the same in the UK, everyone is going mad for them.

VaeVictus4156d ago

I have two HDtv's and couldn't go back to SD. Watching NFL/NCAA football, Discovery HD and the host of other channels in HD is without a doubt awesome. Playing games on my PS3 and 360 in HD only adds to the joy of an HDtv. Blu ray movies in 1080p FTMFW.

nobizlikesnowbiz4156d ago

I think it's just starting to pick up around here. Everyones been wanting them for a while. Now they're becoming more abundant in local stores and I see more people buying them here in North Carolina.

I've only owned my HDTV for 6 months or so but if you haven't experienced it, you need to.

Premonition4156d ago

For example the HDTV called VIZO, at tigerdirect, they had 32 or 37 inch HDTV's that went for around 499, and some people were even buying up 2 at a time, and its going to be a big holiday for HDTV's this year.

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